Travis Turner opens up about dating and his new girlfriend

Little T (or those who are not familiar with Little T might know him as Travis Turner), the short Canadian rapper, singer songwriter has had difficulty with women in the past because of his short height. He had even claimed that most of them were “Fame hunters”. But it seems he has had a change of hearts. He has said that, after his newly found celebrity status and a wider base of fans, his height is no more a problem.  

Sources close to him claim that Little T has recently been mentioning an unknown special one to his friends and family.  His confidants have said that he has been spending an unusual amount of time with this special person, whom he continues to keep away from the media.

Some even claim that the lucky person, who has been the center of attention for Little T, might finally be the girl who Little T ends of marrying. Over the years, he has expressed his views on starting a family and settling down with the love of his life. And she might just be the one for him. Little T has dated various women in the past and has had numerous girlfriends.

Fans of Travis are surely going to be disappointed by this news, as he is quite the charmer among his female fans. Popular fan following have shown a number of young women, mostly teenage girls, who are mesmerized by Little T’s swagger.

Little T, other than his romantic escapades, has been gaining momentum in terms of popularity for his various on screen appearances and his independent hip-hop releases, which have gained international recognition. Travis who, over the years, considers himself to be a hip -hop artist and singer, songwriter has had success in other fields of entertainment too.

Travis, as an actor, has had a fair amount of success. He grew up as a child actor and has featured in a number of movies. Some of his most notable performance on screen has been “Peter Pan”, “Lord of Flies” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Other than the studio productions he has been a part of, he has been involved with over a dozen independent movies and considers this form of movies to be his passion. Turner is also a successful TV actor with roles in cult following shows such as “ Battlestar Galatica “, “ Caprica”.

Recently, he has been seen on popular shows “Supernatural” and is currently working on the hit children’s show “Some Assembly Required”.

Little T’s net worth remains to be undisclosed. Little T is also known to perform some of his live rap shows shirtless and many fans of his consider it to be a trademark move of his. His parents live in his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia and he has said ”they are simple humble people who don’t exactly like the concept of celebrity”.

Little T has expressed his intentions of getting back to some serous acting in the up-coming few years and is already engaged in a couple of independent projects.