Trans Woman/Activist Jennicet Gutierrez thrown out of the White House for interrupting the President

June 26, 2015
First Published On: June 26, 2015
by HitBerry

Trans activist Jennicet Gutiérrez was thrown out of the White House after she continued to interrupt President Obama during his speech. The President was giving a speech about LGBT rights in honor of LGBT pride month, which is in June. Gutiérrez, who is an undocumented Trans woman for Mexico, was at the White House representing FAMILIA TQLM, an organization that advocates the rights of Trans minorities. Gutiérrez is also a founding member of the organization.

Gutiérrez “heckled” the President just as he was starting to address the audience. “Release all LGBTQ detention centers! President Obama, stop the torture and abuse of Trans women in detention centers! President Obama, I am a Trans woman. I’m tired of the abuse. I’m tired —“, said Gutiérrez. The rest of what she says is inaudible.

Gutiérrez wanted to shed light on the deportation and detention of undocumented LGBTQ people and the ill treatment of undocumented Trans minorities. Many Trans women are currently being detained at various holding facilities.  One of those women, Nicoll Hernández Polanco is stuck in a male wing. According to reports by, she was sexually and emotionally abused and placed in solitary confinement by Officials. This is the kind of thing Gutiérrez wanted to share with the President and the world. However, some people found it inappropriate.

Gutiérrez was removed from the white house and the President was not pleased with her either. “Listen, you’re in my house.” said the president. “As a general rule, I am just fine with a few hecklers,” He said as security escorted Gutiérrez out. “But not when I am up in the house. My attitude is: If you’re eating the hors d'oeuvres—you know what I’m saying—and drinking the booze? I know that’s right.”

While the crowd supported the President with chants of “Obama, Obama”, many seem to be outraged at him calling the building his house. The white house is paid for by U.S tax dollars.

Later, Gutiérrez talked about the incident with Mic, she said, ““As I reflect on what just happened at the White House, I am outraged at the lack of leadership that Obama demonstrated.” Talking about the President, she continued, “He had no concern for the way that LGBTQ detainees are suffering… As a Trans woman, the misgendering and the physical and sexual abuse —these are serious crimes that we face in detention centers. How can that be ignored? It’s heartbreaking to see the LGBTQ community I am part of turning their back on me, and the LGBTQ people in detention centers: How can they tolerate that kind of abuse?”

People have been showing their support for Gutiérrez all over the internet. She has responded to various admirers (some even made fan arts!) via social media like Facebook and Twitter.  But while we found her social media, we still don’t know whether she’s married or single or dating anyone. There have been no mentions of either a husband or a boyfriend. With the whole world going crazy about her, we expect to see all this in a wiki article soon.