Trailer Park Boys creator Mike Clattenburg gets divorced from his wife Stephanie Clattenburg

HitBerryPublished on   30 Dec, 2015Updated on   17 May, 2021

Mike Clattenburg had been having a troubled relationship with his wife Stephanie for quite a long time. The two have not been seen together publicly in a long time and both of them have refused to make statement about their relationship. Now, it seems the couple has finally decided to end their dysfunctional relationship.

Clattenburg reportedly got divorced from his wife in 2015. The two had been married for 6 years before deciding to part ways. The two reportedly are okay with the unfortunate turn of events.

The creator of Trailer Park Boys creator reportedly believes that the divorce was imminent. “We were not happy with our relationship. We had very different ideas about what we wanted from our marriage. It was in the best interest for both of us that he went our different ways”, Clattenburg said in an interview with our sources.

There were suggestions that the distance between Clattenburg and his wife was growing since early 2011. There were several reports claiming that Clattenburg was having an extra marital affair. It is believed that Clattenburg’s unfaithful behavior was the main reason why the couple got a divorce.

While the dust of his divorce has not yet settled, it is rumored that Clattenburg already has a girlfriend. It is believed that his girlfriend is one of his co-workers from his production company, not the same girl with whom he cheated on his former wife though.

Sources close to the two have confirmed that the pair has decided to stay friends. Both Mike and Stephanie believe that them staying friends would set a good example to the people who look of up to them. It is also believed that the two wish each other well, even though the relationship between them didn’t work out.

Earlier in his life, Clattenburg had a huge interest in field of music. He spent his high school years as a drummer for his high school rock band. He switched his career from music to television when he began hosting ‘The Damn Cable Show’ in 1990.

After a successful spell in the show, Clattenburg made his move to a professional television production company, focusing on comedy and drama programs. He is the producer of successful TV shows like Pit Pony, Street Cents and Sesame Streets. He is also the co-creator and executive producer of popular TV series, Black Jesus. He has also directed music video for various famous musicians like Len and The Tragically Hip.  

Clattenburg credits all of his success to his fans. He interacts with his fans on a regular basis. He uses social networking sites to keep in touch with his fans. His Twitter account @mikeclattenburg has 23k followers. The actor is yet to have an official Instagram account though.

The director’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $12 million dollars.