TOWIE's Ferne McCann feuds with Tommy Mallett, Tommy annoyed with Ferne for interfering in his relationship with Georgia Kousoulou

July 13, 2015
First Published On: July 13, 2015
by HitBerry

TOWIE’s Ferne McCann has been leaving her mark in the media. First of all, her unceremonious break up with boyfriend Charlie Sims made headlines and now the serious accusation made by Tommy Mallet is creating buzz all over the media.

Talking about Tommy-Ferne brawl, it all started when TOWIE’s Tommy Mallet accused her of being “the loosest girl in Essex”. When the hot-headed Tom started throwing these words bombs at Ferne, it seemed as if the next World War had started on TOWIE. The scene scared everyone out of wits.

Tommy Mallett and Ferne McCann, both cast members of the famous scripted reality TV soap, have never been into any sort of argument before, so what happened was something disturbing and unexpected. 

Tommy was very much annoyed at Ferne for interfering in his relationship with Georgia Kousoulou. He lost his temper and turned against Ferne for being nosy. “Ferne, you’re a headache to be around, everyone thinks it. Your mouth is too much… I feel like I should sit here and tell you about yourself because nobody else is,” he said.

“You’re the loosest girl in Essex, why would I want anyone to listen to you? Let’s just get this straight, when are you ever going to settle down?”

Tommy went too far this time and even dropped the F*** bomb on her. “You f**cking loved it, didn’t ya?” he continued. “You’ve enjoyed it, I bet you have. You carry on like that and you’ll never get another geezer in your life, I’ll promise you now. A woman should have respect for herself. Each to their own because I wouldn’t want my sister doing what you’re up to.”

When the situation seemed to be slipping out of hand, Ferne’s friend and TOWIE cast member Gemma told Tommy that he was creating a bad atmosphere in her shop. He fired backed at her as well.

It was a really difficult time for the 24 year old hair dresser, who was dumped by her longtime boyfriend Charlie. Ferne McCann was dumped publicly by her lover of six year via Twitter after he asked her to choose between him and the TOWIE. Inevitably, she decided to stay on the show and said Charlie was unfair for making her choose between him and her career. Later, after the decision was made, Charlie announced he had quit TOWIE and hinted that he had broken up with Ferne via a furious rant on Twitter.

The 22-year-old wrote: “To the @OnlyWayIsEssex .... I won't be taking part anymore. It's time to grow up and move on. I wish everyone the best on the show!

“Stay true to who you are. Today I became me the real Charlie sims.. And so another chapter begins.”

Speaking to Now magazine, Ferne admitted that she felt ‘heartbroken' and 'inconsolable' after he ended their six-year relationship. She also said that when the time comes her ex man would realize his mistake. Ferne said, “As far as I'm concerned, things had been amazing. Up until this morning, he was the man I wanted to marry tomorrow. Now I just don't know. But don't run to Twitter and don't try to control my life!”

Looks like this blond beauty is not going to back down so easily. Ferne is a famous hair dresser and she has her own channel in YouTube where she uploads videos of make up tutorials. This curvy beauty is very well known for her sense of fashion. She posts hundreds of pictures on Instagram showing off her range of clothing line. And we all hope that this fashionable celebrity would find someone better in her life.