Tovah Feldshuh on her husband, home and married life.

HitBerryPublished on   15 Mar, 2016Updated on   21 May, 2021

Tovah Feldshuh, You all know her don’t you? She is the actress who portrays Deana in ‘The Walking Dead’. Ring a bell?

Yes, today we have this exclusive news of her personal life. What she is up to and the like.

The personal background of the actress seems to be very classy. Most of her affiliations are of high class. She got married to New York attorney Andrew Harris Levy in 1977. Their marriage is a very strong one. We do not know who their first loves are but we are certain that Andrew is Tovah’s last romance. So keep it up!

Actress Tovah and actress Ruth Gordon are childhood best friends. When Tovah got married, she was her maid of honor.

The actress is mother to two children. Her son, Garson is a well acclaimed Harvard graduated economist and her daughter, Amanda is an MIT graduate.

It is very strange how children of such a talented actress have steered clear of Hollywood. However, both of them know there places and how to shine in their field.

When Armanda got married in 2014, Feldshuh gave a little advice on keeping the marriage last a life time.  “You know how to have a successful marriage? Shut one eye, and don't leave. Some of It's fun and some of it isn't. It can be challenging, but you do not leave the field of play,” she said.

Tovah's husband was once sued and it was eventually settled as nobody would like to take a chance with the star's husband. 

In an interview with in 2014, she shared that she is a method actor. She likes to have a deeper understanding of what her character is going to be. “I am doing these things, looking for this material, because they work for me as an actor. Through authenticity you get authority. This deepens the experience of the part”, she said.

Tovah Feldshuh is an American actress, singer and playwright. She has been a Broadway star for more than four decades. She is one of the most versatile actresses of all time. She really knows how to hit a mark when it comes to blending into the role. She has been always credited for keeping the show alive no matter what.

She has earned four Tony Award nominations. She has received two Emmy award nominations for ‘Holocaust’ and ‘Law & order’. She has been featured in various movies like ‘A walk on the moon’, ‘She’s funny that way’, and ‘Kissing Jessica Stein’. More recently, she has been best acclaimed for the role of Deanna Monroe on AMC’s television adaptation of ‘The Walking Dead’. However, she is not in the show anymore. Her character was killed before the season finale premiere.

The estimated net worth of the actress is $5 million as of 2016.