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Torri Webster's personal life.

April 10, 2016
First published on:April 10, 2016
by HitBerry

Torri Webster! Yes, we are talking about her. She is the one who starred as Tess Foster in the YTV teen sitcom Life with Boys.

This Canadian teen sensation of nineteen has been very popular these days especially after she won Young Artist Award for Best Leading Young Actress in a TV Series for her role in Life with boys.

The actress stepped her foot into the acting industry just in 2010 and she has already won that prestigious award in a matter of a year. Now with that, you can guess yourself about the height of her talent and skills.

The actress is young and doesn’t seem to be interested in dating and stuff. It is strange that the girl so beautiful and success is single. Don’t you think? Well, the actress has not been reported with any legitimate relationship history. On the top of that, she might be single for the time being.

Oh, wait! She is not married, doesn’t have a husband and children either.

Webster is an amazing and frequent user of twitter. She replies to her fans like she is not a celebrity, I mean like a normal person and this attitude of hers has made her more lovable. She has thousands and thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

However, she has never posted anything about boyfriend and dating stuff until last month. You know what she tweeted about something with the word ‘boyfriend’. It was all over the internet and her fans around were so much excited with high hope but they broke into laughter after looking at what she really wrote.

“Boyfriend has 9 letters but so does Starbucks..". Haha. By this, she might mean why people are always making a big deal about boyfriend and dating when it comes to a celebrity or even normal fellows.

Well! That’s about her boyfriend joke and a sneak peak towards her life.

You know Miley Cyrus right? actually, even a person who is lost in the wilderness would know her. Her songs are awesome and has always ruled the stereo. Now recently, we have discovered that Webster is a die-heart fan of Miley Cyrus. No matter what others say, she likes Miley like nobody else.

“Is it just me or is Miley Cyrus the best thing that's happened to The Voice - her spontaneous gorgeous singing is like everything”, she wrote in her twitter profile. Yes, we get it she knows to rock the audiences.

Just for you know besides acting in movies and tv shows, the actress is an avid traveler. She is the kind of person if traveling were to be free we would never spot her in the same place. According to her, airports are her favorite place.

Webster has been popular and has been able to gain success in this very young age however she has kept her net worth way away from the media. Clever!

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