Torrei Hart Splits with her boyfriend Matt Jordan: Arrest Warrent issued for Kenya Moore

April 19, 2017
First published on:March 28, 2017
by HitBerry

Note: Topic: Kenya Moore Splits with Matt Jordan:Kenya Moore is granted restraining order against ex Matt Jordan.

The love life of American actress, model, author, producer and television personality, Kenya Moore, is taking serious turns. Kenya dated Matt Jordan for a long time. They fought on small petty things but this time the fight has extended to a new level.

Nobody imagined Kenya’s and Matt relation would come to such a point where the couple would end up hating each other.

It all started after the couple fought in Mexico.

Kenya and Matt split after they had a huge fight in Mexico when they were on vacation. The couple heated the environment with their hot arguments and Kenya ended up locking herself in the hotel room. Matt allegedly kicked the door and broke in. He also called her bitch.

Kenya Moore


The former couple kept a low profile after they returned from the vacation. The couple went separate ways. But soon we came to hear the dark side of the story. The couple commented on Instagram about their breakup.



It is known that Matt broke the windows many times of Kenya’s garage door, smashed the glass on the side door, hit Kenya’s driver and busted back window of the car. Even after such bad behavior of Matt, Kenya decided not to pursue legal action against him in January.

Kenya on Sunday’s new episode said,

“I decided not to file a restraining order against Matt. I’m just going to take some time for myself. I don’t know what’s happening with him. Until I figure it out, there’s no future in it.”

However, Kenya has figured what she has to do. Kenya Moore is granted a restraining order against ex Matt Jordan. Kenya took the decision after Matt hounded her with phone calls and texts. Kenya received up to 30 phone calls a day from Matt.

Kenya also blocked Matt’s number but that could not put a full stop in Kenya’s anxiety so, she ended up taking the decision. In an interview with TMZ Kenya said:

“I have not dated him in over 6 months. He’s been harassing me online, he’s been threatening me. I’m not going to just stand for it, I want him to go away.”

Matt Jordan and Kenya Moore


Many of the fans commented that Kenya needs to be very careful or this situation will end up in a dramatic way. Some even commented, Kenya is very stupid for leading him in her life.

Kenya has also accused Matt of throwing her clothes out of the house and damaging his property. Matt now has to stay 200 yards away from Kenya.

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