Top Ten Health Benefits of Coconut Oil and Foods

April 21, 2017
First published on:April 11, 2016
by HitBerry

Do you know about super food which is very beneficial for health? If you don’t know then it is very high time to know. There are more than 100 of benefits of coconut foods or its oil. To find out its uses, benefits, and importance more than 1500 studies have been conducted.

All the studies and research says that it is versatile food or liquid for our health on the earth. Therefore, coconut tree is also known as the tree of life.

Coconut product is used for cooking purpose, medicinal purpose and it can be used as a useful element for beauty products too.

It has numerous of remarkable benefits like for skin, Hair care, control over heart disease, treat UTI infection and protects the Liver, outstanding oil  for massage, good for high blood pressure and kidney illness.

There is various type of coconut oil used for particular works. Some of its uses and types are given bellow in the table:-

Products type


Virgin Oil medicinal
Pure Oil massage
Virgin weight beating
Refine food preparation
Pure and clean hair, skin

There are many uses of coconut oil, it would be better if you move with refine and pure coconut oil as pure coconut oil are hygienic and good for health and it helps to cure many diseases. There are several categories of it, some of them are listed below:-

  1. virgin
  2. extra virgin
  3. organic
  4. expeller-pressed
  5. refined
  6. RBD(refined, bleached, deodorized)
  7. liquid
  8. hydrogenated

As you can see the different types of coconut oil listed above and they all have their own importance, uses. Be wise before getting it.

Benefits of coconut oil and its advantages:

1. Prevent heart diseases:

If you think coconut is not good or harmful for your health it is high time to know the fact and its Importance. In fact, coconut oil contains Lauric acid; it helps to protect your heart from different problems like it controls over ups and downs of blood pressure and also controls high cholesterol level.

Coconut oil is like a protector of your heart. It helps to maintain the level of LDL. According to experts, coconut oil is very beneficial for our heart and it helps to prevent serious injury to arteries.

2. Help to lose weight:

Weight is one of the major elements of your health, as it determines your health condition. To be healthy your BMI (Body Mass Index) must be normal or under.

If you have got excess weight then, you may use coconut oil or products to lose your weight because it contains healthy fatty acid and this acid help for your weight loss.

It is very helpful to reduce your stress that’s why people use it as the best liquid for the body massage. According to doctor or health expert coconut oil helps to diminish abdominal obesity in women. It can be a good medium for your weight loss.

3.Boost immunity powers:

Coconut oil is very useful for the destruction of harmful virus and bacteria. It can provide strength to your body and it can help your body to fight against different diseases as it improves your immunity power.

If you are suffering from HIV coconut water or its product can boost your immunity power. Strange but amazing, it is so beneficial for your immunity power.

It contains antimicrobial lipids; Lauric Acid, Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid as these all are an antivirus and bacterial element. These elements keep your immunity power strong and keep you away from many diseases.

4. Improves brain function:

Coconut oil helps to improve memory power and it also improves brain function. We can find nutrient know as MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) in coconut oil which helps to form ketones and these ketones are important for development and protection of brain cells.

We can even use pure coconut oil for cooking as coconut oil has nutrients which can fight against brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer, Dementia etc. Coconut oil is not so costly but it has lots of health benefits.

For healthy brain and good memory power, we should always use coconut oil.

5. Reduces indigestion and helps in constipation:

Due to unhealthy eating habits, many people suffer from indigestion and constipation. Coconut oil is highly recommended for people who complain about indigestion and constipation.

If we have to struggle a lot to pass our stool and want to get rid of it then we should start consuming coconut oil in an appropriate way and in the right quantity.

Coconut oil tastes great and we can replace our cooking oil with coconut oil and even have it with a cup of tea or we can have it with any other drinks of our choice.

We can even use coconut oil in place of butter. Once we start consuming it we can get rid of indigestion and constipation.

6. Protect from yeast infections:

Coconut oil has healthy fatty acids in it and these fatty acids have many anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which are very effective for many fungal and yeast infections.

Whether its women suffering from a vaginal infection or whether it's other people suffering from any other infections all their infection can get cured by using organic or virgin coconut oil in many forms and in many ways. By using coconut oil we can naturally get rid of many fungal and bacterial infections.

7. Helps to balance hormone:

When we cannot get right kind of fat for our body to burn as fuel and if we consume lots sugar then hormone level in our body gets imbalanced.

Coconut oil or any coconut products can increase the energy level of our body with the fatty acid present in it and it helps to stabilize blood sugar level which further helps in balancing hormone level in our body.

Our body can easily metabolize coconut oil. So, this way or that way we should always consume the right amount of coconut oil.

8. Helps to fight cancer:

Research has shown that coconut oil has anti-cancer properties in it. We can use coconut oil for cooking, replace it with butter, and even use it externally on our skin.

There are many nutrients in coconut oil which heals many wounds and burns easily and quickly. The anti-cancer protocols present in it helps to fight with many types of cancer. It is miracle oil and has lots of other health benefits too.

9. Protects hair from getting damaged:

Some of the girls cannot get benefitted by the use of many shampoos and hair care products to make their hair strong but by using coconut oil they can get an easy and effective solution for proper maintenance of their hair.

Coconut oil is very effective to repair damaged hair and it helps in hair growth too. We can take hand–full of coconut oil and massage it on our scalp and keep it overnight or at least for an hour and wash it off later.

This process will help to get silky and smooth hair. Coconut oil works as a hair cleanser and hair tonic too. We can get rid of dry hair, frizzy hair, unmanaged hair, split ends and other hair related problems with the regular use of coconut oil.


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