Top Tech Gadgets for Multi-Millionaires

April 18, 2017
First published on:April 17, 2016
by HitBerry

The technology and devices are the primary focus of this world. This is not an aggressive statement; rather it is the truth. If one to think about how the tech development started; he inevitably gets panic. Yes, it is true as the technology itself is a dream. But few gadgets and tech developments went beyond just a device; the tech built for quality and luxury.

Most of the people still cannot figure out what technologies and gadgets have more value in the market and social status. Here is the list of such gadgets that could make you shocked, increase your excitement and also you might keep on drooling.

Kohler Numi Touch Toilet Set

Kohler Numi [Priced at $6,400]

The Kohler Company designed a perfect toilet system for millionaires. This system includes a touch screen remote that washes user as per the command. All commands are done with a simple touch; no physical buttons are available.

Vertu Smartphone [Priced at $14,000]

This luxury phone has focused on design. This phone is built with sapphire glass and leather. This particular phone became expensive just because of its design and advanced security system. The phone runs on Android operating system.

Gold Bicycle [Priced at $103,000]

This bicycle is handmade limited edition bike named as Aurumania 24K. This limited bike is worth buying as it shows your status. This particular piece was made to store it as a showcase in the room of millionaires.

Gold bike, tech for millionaires

This bike is plated with 24 carat gold along with more than 600 crystallised elements along with the beautiful leather saddle. The company provides ten years guarantee and worldwide delivery system.

103-inches Plasma TV [Priced at $130,000]

The biggest of its size, 103-inches Plasma TV features 20 carat diamonds speckled on the panel. The total of 160 diamond added TV is designed and made by Keymat Industries of Italy.

Harry Winston Watch [Priced at $260,000]

The watch named Opus 12 is an excellent collection. The watch includes power reserve as well as the guard that change in an interval of 5 minutes.

PlayStation 3 Supreme [Priced at $316,000]

PS3 Supreme is the most expensive gaming console ever made. Not by its specification, but because of the sprinkled diamonds and 1.6 kg of solid 22K gold.

18K Gold Speakers [Priced at $4,700,000]

These speakers include two boxes, each cast with fine sculptures and around 50 kilos of gold plated units. The shape and design, along with the materials used for building system is so good that the sound it produces are more refined than of normal speakers.

iPad 2 Gold History Edition for millionaires

iPad 2 Gold History [Priced at $7,945,000]

This version of iPad 2 is the most expensive gadget especially made targeting the multi-millionaires who love gadgets. The total weight of this pad is around 2 kilos. The logo of Apple at back is made out of diamonds and front frame out of Ammolite along with the bone of the dinosaur. Now we know why it is named as iPad History.

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