Top Four Advance Tech Suitcase Recommended to You

April 19, 2017
First published on:February 16, 2016
by HitBerry

If you are a traveller or you love travelling, what type of suitcase do you really prefer? Of course, you would choose for lightweight and with more features. If you are not so good in buying bags with features, you might go for cheap suitcases. But what if you get high-tech suitcases at very affordable price?

With the modern tech and concepts, few companies and people are able to design some cool suitcase that helps you to track device, find your phone, charge your device and also lets you ride. Here is the collection of top four advance tech suitcases we recommend to you.

Trunkster Zipperless Luggage Bag

Trunkster Zipperless Suitcase

A luggage bag with charging support, GPS and sliding door instead of zipper might be the perfect choice for those who are always in a hurry. A couple from the US invented a luggage bag with all these features and launched in the market for $500.

Gaston Blanchet and Jesse Potash created the ultimate stuff case that replaces zippers; unhand able handles and all side wheels. This bag is made out of aluminium and polycarbonate with the features like ‘Find my iPhone’, GPS tracker, Battery Charger; along with premium exterior and interior finish. Extraordinarily, instead of zippers, the bag uses a button to slide door of the bag.

Planet Traveller

Planet Traveler feature

This high-tech suitcase is similar to a trunk yet with a more advanced system. This bag comes pre-installed with its specialised app through which you can encrypt your data, schedule your daily routine, monitor and safeguard your bag.

Planet Traveller bags come in two sizes, with all features like a fingerprint sensor. This function works only on the phone with fingerprint sensor feature. The suitcase is built with GPS tracking system, thus you can find your bag if you have lost it.

Apart from that, the bag comes with built-in power bank. With the capacity of 12000mAh, you can charge your phone at least 4 times. This feature intends to keep your device working on longer trips.

Planet traveler full

The advanced anti-theft alarm comes next to features. As this system is highly optimised, the burglars won’t get a chance to pull off the case even secretly. When your bag gets out of the sensor coverage on your phone, the case alerts you with vibration on your phone along with from speakers on suitcase.


Modobag Ride

When it comes to a better suitcase with an automotive feature, Modobag fits perfectly for your needs. This advance suitcase is first of its kind that lets you drive. Moreover, the speed of riding this tech led you to your destination faster than walking.

Designed by Kevin O’Donnell, this advance tech suitcase could go up to 6 miles with a single charge cycle. The maker claims this bag to charge fully within an hour. The maximum weight it could lift is 260lbs, and it could go upto 4 miles with that weight.

modobag models

This tech comes with dual USB ports, dual speed control mechanism, backlit LED ports and aluminium chassis. Further, the battery used in this tech has the capacity of 4000 full charge cycles with at least of 1-2 years of warranty.

Hop Autofollow

How would it seem if your suitcase follows you wherever you go? In real time, we see such auto-follow only by dogs; however, the auto following suitcase already exists. A suitcase named Hop is the next gen smart case that follows the user.


How do you say? The suitcase follows the Bluetooth signal from your phone. The system contains three receivers that analysed signal from your device to know your position. The bag includes a micro-controller system that has a two-track system to move freely on ground. This suitcase is well built to ride on a plane area, thus is not suitable for stairs.

This advanced suitcase is smart as it includes a security system. If the user happens to lose the phone, Hop locks itself.

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