Top Five Technological Changes to Expect in Avaiation

HitBerryPublished on   23 Nov, 2016Updated on   26 May, 2021

With the change in technology, we moved from vintage cars to modern cars, regular cars to luxurious cars, and from gasoline cars to electric cars. Also, in near future, we might be able to get access to flying cars. The change is ever-running. Likewise, the change in aviation might be taken as greater dynamics. The same old type of aeroplanes changed to modern jet or private jet forms.

Looking back to 1960s, the planes were likely to have standard seats parallel on the lobby. But, for now, the jets include luxurious cabins and class. Recently, Air ETIHAD introduced all-in-one jet with casino, bar, spa and sleeping pods. Thus, we can expect more in near future. We compiled some information and here is the list of future changes that are likely to happen.

Entertainment Arena

Airplane Entertainment Arena

Well, the planes we board now comes with front entertainment panel. We are able to listen to music, or watch videos while travelling. But, entertainment does not always mean music and videos. Sometimes it also means playing games, and web chat.

As mobile tech has already taken the place of enjoyment, it would be wonderful if travellers would be able to use mobile phones. Where there will be no availability of the internet, passengers would be able to surf through their daily activities by syncing the phone to aero-device.


Airplane AirFi

After the introduction of LiFi, AirFi came to existence. This tech was first introduced in Netherlands low-cost planes. Actually, AirFi does not connect you to the internet; instead, it connects you to an internal network. Through this concept, travellers would be able to surf through a wide range of movies, music and viral videos. This revolutionary tech is able to load contents directly to the accessible device of passengers according to preference.

Cinema Seat

Airplane Cinema Seat

Well, it doesn't really mean you will get cinema hall; but it surely means to provide comfortability in seating. The flexible seats like we see in the hall could be used in an aeroplane to provide a real-time ride to passengers. This concept was first introduced by Italian manufacturer which is used in Airbus' economy class that allows flexible movements of seats. This feature is equally beneficiary for emergency landing too.

Sleeping Rooms

Airplane Sleeping Rooms

We have seen sleeping area in trains, buses, and even for employees of Google and Yahoo. Now, the very same concept is being applied in aeroplanes. This concept of using sleeping pods on board could be used in empty space like cargo or upper base. This concept was first planned to be implemented by Airbus. Etihad Airways applied this concept.

Casino and Bar

Airplane Bar

This concept is not forthcoming, as it is already applied by Emirates Airways. To entertain the business or special class passengers, this type of concept was introduced. Passengers could play casino, or take a sip of wine while flying.