Top Five Reasons Of Downfall Of Nokia

July 3, 2017
First published on:April 19, 2017
by HitBerry

Have you ever used Nokia mobile? If you have then I am 100% sure that you have loved it. But in present days it is very hard to see, people operating Nokia mobile as its sales are decreasing day by day.What might be the specific reason or what are the causes of its downfall? The defeat of Nokia with others mobile can be a message or chapter to learn for the betterment.

Here I am going to talk about top five reasons of downfalls of Nokia

1.Raise of IOS(Apple), Android  and breakdown of Symbian

Till 2002 Nokia was the legend in the market but with the introduction of IOS (Apple 2007), Android (2008) it got abolish and it was noticed as Nokia was powerless or no more capacity to attract user attention towards it because it has the operating system used by Nokia which was Symbian and it lacks user interface (UI) and Applications as it was the major demerits in Nokia. Features were very less than that of IOS and Android. People start to love Android and IOS, but Nokia was unable to exercise accessible application, as a result, Nokia got abolished from the market.

2. Outdated technology and  competitors:

Nokia was still following the outdated and old type of (UI) where Samsung and Apple were capturing the global market of smartphones with smarts phone. Nokia was out of the track of new modernization in its mobile system but others were moving rapidly with hi-tech systems. It was too late by Nokia to understand what was wrong with it. Iphone and Samsung were the main competitors and these both phones were very smart and hi-tech than that of Nokia. Talking about the price these all three products were nearly of similar value.

3.Moving with Windows was blunder

People started to love IOS and Android because these were easier to use and exercise their desired application with lots of modifications options, so people were found of it. But Nokia did a blunder moving with Windows phones though people loved windows phone but later it was found boring and can’t run in the competition with  IOS and Android. The features in Windows phone was similar to the computer but was very complicated to use. Battery backup and display were very inferior to Samsung and Iphone. So Windows series was a wrong product of Nokia.

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4.Fails in own series (Lumia) or failure in branding.

There’s always news on and buzz on Apple series or its brand like iPhone and about Samsung too as it has its own series like Galaxy which itself is a brand. If you go and read the buzz you will just notice about these two brands. It’s a kind of marketing strategy to attract user attention towards its product. But it was found that Nokia realized it but it was a bit delay, that they do have to focus on branding so that they can maintain its own brand of accessories or mobile.

5.Common concept on its downfall

Nokia could not be prominent as it should be because of few reasons that I have discussed in this article. 2007(Revaluation in mobile phone or the  birth of smartphone) was a remarkable year because Apple introduced Its IOS and 2008 was another notable year because Android was introduced and from here Nokia got abolished from the market. It’s too strange but true how a globally loved mobile disappeared from the market.


The Downfall of Nokia can be a great lesson and message for all business personality as Nokia has struggled a lot but it got disappeared because Nokia could not move with time and could not understand its competitors. My five top reasons may not touch the exact reasons of its downfall as its always less to describe Nokia’s downfall but the message from Nokia’s Downfall can be a great lesson to learn and move ahead.

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