Top 7 Weirdest Tech-Gadget Ever Invented

HitBerryPublished on   19 Apr, 2016Updated on   24 May, 2021

Earlier, we talked about the worst gadgets ever made, and now here we will be talking about some weirdest tech gadgets ever invented. A dog with the GPS tracker; weird isn’t it? Why would the dog need a GPS tracker? Stopping not, what would you do with the belt that measures your weight? Of course, they are handy, but they are weird.

These tech gadgets are worth of mentioning as they function normally, but the concept of inventing those are funny. You will be laughing out loud after knowing these gadgets.

Belty - Smart Belt

Belty - Smart to help you in weight loss?

Eating too much in parties ever turned your stomach go boom? Not boom, but you might have eaten once in your life until you feel the stomach is going to explode. Well not anymore! Emiota Inc., France has now launched Belty, which promises on controlling you while eating.

The Belty works on a wireless connection with the phone. When you eat more than you should, the belt sends signals to your phone. Then your phone starts to vibrate. Not just that, the belt loosens and tightens itself according to your fit. Smart enough isn’t it!

Melo Mind - Brain Scanner

Get your magneto helmet that functions as of xaviers

Try the all new helmet of Magneto; Not quietly. Melo Mind is one helmet type wearable tech that scans your brain. Brain scanning? It must be the helmet of Professor Charles.

Melo Mind scans your brain, analyse the tension and stress you are taking and then plays the sound that helps you to relax. Now see, you will get the helmet of Xavier and free music; what more do you need?

LED Umbrella - Umbrella with Light

No need of extra light device in dark!

Well, in the dark night if it is raining and your friend calls you from the road; what will you do? Carry light on one hand and umbrella in other? Now you don’t have to go through so much of trouble. Here is LED Umbrella which works as light as well as Umbrella.

The umbrella is made up of ordinary cloth for the shade, and a shaft is covered with LED cover. Quite out of the world concept! Some might think you are some wizard or something!

Rollkers - Walk Assistant

Revolution of mankind? or change in walking?

Rollkers – don’t think this gadget as rollerskates; as it is not the skates. Rollkers is introduced specially for those who are slow in walking. With this tech, you could walk at the speed of 10 km/hr.

The company claimed that the era of walking is no more. When Rollkers are on, they can transport you anywhere, anytime. With Rollkers, even if you wake up late; can you catch the train for office?

Geek Jeans - Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers included

Handy enough for tablets and ipads

We put a laptop in lap not because of its name but because it is quite easier to use. Now, it’s not even necessary. The company Nieuwe Heren, Holland has invented Geek Jeans with Keyboard inbuilt!

The pant uses USB to connect to your laptop. The pant includes full QWERTY keyboard, most pointer and speaker. You will love those sound booms on your knees.

Solar Bikini - Charge your iPod

Your iPod battery might explode!

Imagine a bikini with iPod, if you think you can’t have that facility then girls you are all so wrong. The New York-based multimedia designer Andrew Schneider has invented a bikini that uses photolytic film strips that manage to make your iPod shuffle work right in time for you. That’s right the bikini will let you have a fun workout so that you can flaunt those amazing abs. The panel in bikini helps to charge iPod.

Inmotion Unicycle - Bage or Cycle?

Roll bags or cycle you say?

Now ride around the city with the electric unicycle; not big in size but has a built-in audio speaker. It is built to balance – you don’t need to adjust the parallel wheeled cycle.

By the looks, it is surely not as a cycle; rather it sounds like a suitcase. Yes, you can also walk around with this unicycle like you do to suitcase using the expandable rod. The 13.5 Kg cycle can run up to 18 km/h. So what would you call this product, a roll bag or a cycle?

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