Top 7 Incidents occoured While Playing Pokemon Go

HitBerryPublished on   19 Apr, 2016Updated on   30 May, 2021

Caught by Poké Fever? It’s not just you. Poké Fever grew far more than expected. If you get to see the bunch of people around the parks or roads, you could guess them as Pokémon hunters. Not just roads, the craze took them to military base camps, TV news reporter lab, and even in police headquarters. The craze of Pokémon Go grew in an instant to surpass Twitter and Snap chat.

Hollywood is pretty interested in making Pokémon movie now. Geniuses are making Pokedex, and the people are going off the cliff! A similar incident happened since game launch. The crowd of poke-hunters are found in streets and parks, also near to natural resources and cliffs; just to catch a rare Pokémon.

Incident 1: Forest Grove, A man was knifed by another while playing the game. He was trying to find the rare Pokémon, and then the culprit came to battle with him in real life.

Incident 2: O’Fallon, The group of teens set the targeted area where rare Pokémon was likely to be found, and rob people who come nearby. They were charged with first-degree robbery charge.

Incident 3: Bridgewater, A woman was almost kidnapped by two people while playing the game. She said the game took all her conscious and did not even know what was happening!

Pokemon Go Safe or Not?

Incident 4: Okla, the two reckless drivers were playing Pokémon on the road. The police officer in charge had to diverge the way to avoid a collision.

Incident 5: Washington DC, The new statement was issued by U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. In the statement, the management requested visitors not to play Pokémon Go on the Museum property.

Incident 6: Riverton, A woman found a dead body near the river (where rare Pokémon are likely to be found). She was searching for Pikachu.

Incident 7: Holyoke, The church has been now a popular destination for Pokémon hunters. Usually, people go to church for cleansing the mind, here people go for fun.

Quite surprising! Pokémon Go is just a free Augmented Reality game and is now the biggest hit that surpassed other games within few days. The craze over the game is surprising too. Recently, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton started a battle through this game. Also, people were caught racing in a car to find the rare Pokémon.

Pokémon GO is the creation of Niantic Lab, which was set to change how people play games. The old sofa-sit games increased the laziness in people to which this game changed. Now, people walk more to play games than sitting in home. This game uses the nano-tech like Location and GPS of a phone to provide the real gaming performance. The ‘real world gaming’ platform first started through the game ‘Ingress’, and now its turn of Pokemon Go!