Top 5 Super E-Bikes

HitBerryPublished on   19 Apr, 2017Updated on   16 May, 2021

Have you ever heard about E-bikes? Just imagine your bikes doesn't require any gasoline to run. It is similar to electric cars we discussed earlier.

Mileage and other technical issues are long gone as it is replaced by latest tech. Currently, there are hundreds of e-bike manufacturing companies around the world that produce such bikes with unique features.

Here is the list of top 5 e-bikes that you must see and try to get one.

Flux Super E-Bike

Flux E-Bike

Flux is simple; you just have to turn it on and ride. It is a bit faster than normal bikes while pedalling; if you don't want to pedal then there's an option for you to throttle. The motor is located between the pedal which is a special factor.

The Motor gives mechanical advantage to riders to switch between automatic and manual ride. You could climb hills quicker and rich to the top faster with this feature. This e-bike comes with 17Ah Lithium battery that could go up to 46 miles on full charge. The battery has key lock security and is portable. You can take it (only battery) to your home, office or any place and charge. Also, this bike features USB port that is handy for charging electric devices on the go. Flux comes with hydraulic brakes and Suntour suspension.

Super73 Super E-Bike

Super 73 E-Bike

Super73 is powerful e-bike by Lithium Cycles. If you love bikes with flat tires, and naked; this one is perfect for you. With the 1000W of power, this bike is premium fit for people with a height of 5.2 to 6.5-inches. Better than that, to ride this bike, you do not need a licence.

This e-bike is a powerful electric bike with full of features. The Californian design bike comes with bottle holder. You can ride through streets and use it as dirt bikes, as it comes with 1000W power. Also, there is no registration fees and insurance costs. Super73 was built to eliminate the monthly gas payments. This model is able to ramp up at the speed of 27 mph with the ride of 20 miles per charge. Also, who wouldn't like to ride this fat bike.

Carbon SUV Super E-Bike

Carbon SUV E-Bike

If you want to own e-bike that is durable, strong and with sporty looks? If yes, Carbon SUV is the perfect choice for you. It is crowdfunded bike which you will be able to get for as low as $1990. It is now available in Australia, Alaska, the Middle East, South America, and the UK.

The bike features carbon frame that makes it lightweight. It comes in 3 different versions: 250W, 500W and 749W. This e-bike features 8-speed gear and gas shock absorber. You will be able to ride this bike at the speed ranging from 15.5 mph to 21.7 mph according to the version you choose. It is armed with 36V Lithium Ion battery with the capacity of 12 Ah. If you are dirt bike enthusiast, we recommend this bike to you.

Zap Super E-Bike

Zap E-Bikes

Want to ride a bike that is lightweight and cheap? Zap Bikes is a perfect choice for you. The company, Zap Bikes, introduced two e-bikes named Zap Cross and Zap Urban that would cost you merely $3000 for two.

With the introductory price of $949 for Urban and $1199 for Cross, this bike comes with elegant classic design and best tech integration. Unlike above bikes with removable battery features, this bike contains sealed battery, though. It is armed with a torgue sensor, Keyless start and mileage of 70km per charge.

Stealth B-52 Super E-Bike

Stealth B-52 E-Bike

Do not want the classic e-bike like Zap, how about a bike with shocking speed? For the speed upto 50 mph, Sealth B-52 is the perfect bike to start with. Also, this bike is able to cover 80 km of distance per charge.

B-52 comes with 5200W power with bulletproof technology. The parts used in this bike is premium, thus does not give any problems in future. Also, the design will increase your status. Priced at $10800, this will cost you 1 cent per km in its life cycle.