Top 15 Disney Moments That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Well all of us must have watched various cartoons in our childhood days. While watching the cartoons, we must have found it simpler and amazing. But there are some weird things which all of us might not have noticed during that time.

Today in this section we are going to disclose all the unnecessary and weird things that the cartoon production show us during our early age when we didn't even have a sense of understanding such puns. 

1. Pinocchio Teaches Children Smoking And Drinking

As we all know that, smoking is a bad habit. Although some of us smoke we always say our juniours smoking is not good for health. Isn't it? During our childhood day, our parents always tried to keep us away from copying the bad habit.

CAPTION: Smoking Pinnochio SOURCE: YouTube

But the cartoon production did do same. As they show us Pinocchio smoking and drinking which was totally wrong. Maybe this cartoon may have a wrong impression to some of the child.

2. Aladdin: Good teenagers take off your clothes

Well almost all of us may have seen the cartoon Aladdin in their early age. If not, you must have certainly heard about the story of Aladdin and the Genie. Disney Channel also produced an animation based on the story but many have criticized the animation for being vulgar. It is reported that the cartoon is full of adults jokes.


What we were talking about is one scene where Aladdin is trying to move Raja, his tiger, off his shoulder and Jasmine enters. During the entry of the female protagonist, a background voice says, "good teenagers take off your clothes."

However, Disney claims that the voice says, "good kitty, take off & go."

3. Mermaids rag Wendy in Peter Pan

In the Peter Pan cartoon, when Wendy was taken to a mermaid lagoon to introduce with his mermaid friends, all the mermaids make a fun of her in a boisterous manner. They pulled, splashed, and also tried to drown her.


But, when Wendy called for help with Peter, he declined to help her stating that it was just a way of those mermaids having fun and nothing more. This affects the children's perception as they learn about the ill behavior called, "Ragging".

4. Aladdin: Genie's Honeymoon Reference

Another Aladdin adult joke! During the third installment of the Disney favorite, Aladdin: King of Thieves, a stampede erupted during the big wedding. The eruption caused a mini-earthquake. Can you guess what Genie commented on the quake?


Well, the genie utters a huge adult joke! He says, "I thought the Earth won't supposed to move till the honeymoon!" Everybody got that joke, didn't they? These types of adult puns should not be used in the child cartoons, should they? 

5. Mushu Ogles at Mulan's Chest 

Imagine you have a superpower, a power that lets you see through objects. If that happens in real life, then you have some moral duties to tend to. There are some things you can's do as a bearer of your power, such as look through a girls' clothes. In Mulan, the same thing happened!


Mushu tells, Mulan about his powers and states that his powers are beyond her imagination. He illustrates an example stating that he could see straight through her armor. As a girl, the female protagonist slaps him straight away. Glancing at a woman's chest is not moral, is it?

6. The Little Mermaid Cover

Apart from the videos of the cartoons, there are some pictures of the Disney animations, that reveal the productions' hidden sex meanings. In The Little Mermaid animations' cover, there are two parties on either side of the poster with a golden castle in the middle. You must be thinking what's wrong in a castle and two people. 

CAPTION: The Little Mermaid Cover SOURCE: Ebay

Well, the castle looks shiny and great, however, one of the towers of the castle is shaped like a male reproductive organ. Yes, you heard it right! One of the towers in the middle of the castle looks like a male genitalia. When asked about that incident, the Disney productions told the media outlets that an outsider drew the male sex organ on the castle. The cover was consequently changed on the future productions. 

7. Cinderella: Mice get Intimate 

What would you feel like if someone shoves something inside your backside? Is this a nice sign for someone to see such things? Well, you all must remember another one of Disney's prince and princess stories, Cinderella. It also had a similar scenario. 


In the Disney's Cinderella, two mice, in the attempt to help the protagonist, are seen stealing beads from the lead character's stepsisters. During that time, one of the mice started to place beads into the backside of the other mice. At first, it may look normal, but a second look will surely make you feel the wrong thing about the photo. 

8. Cars: Flashing Your Belongings 

Flashing has become a way of showing support to their superstars in the recent days. The same thing was copied from the Cars movie. Even if you are a car, it is not good to show you the important parts to other people. 


During a scene when Lightning McQueen was on stage, two groupies make their way up to the superstar. The cars introduce themselves saying that one of their names as Mia and the other one as Tia. They show their support for the star and yell out McQueen's catchphrase, Ka-Chow!  But, after that, they raised their headlights on him. So, even if there is nothing wrong with two cars flashing lights at their supercar, it is such an adulterous behavior to flash your headlights, if you get what I mean! 

9. Fantasia: Bare Breasts

Is it good for any child to see a person bare-chested and a lady at that? The answer is always a "No" for these types of things. But, in one of Disney channel's movies, Fantasia, the harpies always entered the frame with their chest wide open. 

CAPTION: Fantasia Bare Breasted Harpies SOURCE: Uproxx

The harpies were always naked on the top and every time flashed their breasts. Showing such scenario is not good for the children, isn't it? 

10. Jessica Rabbit Without Undies

Who wouldn't know Jessica Rabbit? A lot of us have grown up with a crush on the curvaceous Jessica Rabbit. If you ask us what's wrong about her, then she is a modern day girl who doesn't like to wear panties. A child cartoon with nothing under her dress!

CAPTION: Jessica Rabbit without undies SOURCE: Men's Den

In one of the scenes of the cartoon, Jesicca has a car crash. During the car crash, Jessica tumbles out of the car. The scene shows Jessica's pantyless figure as her red dress waves revealing her crotch. 

11. Toy Story's Hooker Toys

Hookers are a common thing since the old days. However, including such hidden adult references in the children's books is not a good choice, is it? Well, the difference is not recognizable at first but, with a closer look, we will be able to see what's really wrong with the children's Disney-Pixar cartoon, Toy Story. 

CAPTION: Hooker toys in Toy Story SOURCE: What Culture

You might not have seen a hooker of any sorts in the movie, but if you look at Sid's toys collection at the first part of the movie, you will see several doll legs and such other things. It's not recognizable easily but, there is a doll's leg with a fishing rod attached from her ribs. This indirectly references to a girl, a hooker!

12. Frozen: Foot Size Doesn't Matter

One of the most loved and the recent Disney animation includes the magical princess story, Frozen. The story of Anna and Elsa has touched the hearts of many. Oh, and let's not forget about the snowman, Olaf! Confused why we included the name of this movie in his topic?


Well, during a convo between Kristoff and Anna where Kristoff asks her about Hans to find out how much she really knew Hans, the hidden sexual innuendos enter. Kristoff starts by asking questions such as Hans' last name, favorite food and such and finally asks his foot size, to which Anna replies with "Foot size doesn't matter." This statement can be seen as a pun to what adults have already guessed the meaning of. 

13. Emperor's New Groove: Kronk's Tent Use

In one of the Disney's animations, Emperor's New Groove, the protagonist, Kronk spends his nights on the outdoors. On one night, Kronk uses up his tent to cover up his most important body part, the crotch. 

CAPTION: Kronk's Tent Use SOURCE: Lolwot

14. Winnie the Pooh: LSD

Everybody knows what LSD is! For those who don't know, it is an Acidic Drug. Winnie the Pooh is a very childish cartoon with no such adulterous double meanings. However, some critics have suggested that the cartoon has a hint of drug abuse. The odd creatures of the show, Heffalumps, and Woozles were always seen in a trippy feeling. This might have been shown as a side effect of LSD, don't you think? 


15. The Little Mermaid: Erection

There's a wedding scene of Prince Eric and Ursula disguised as Vanessa in The Little Mermaid. While the wedding officiator goes on about pronouncing them husband and wife, he seems to have a boner. Some Christians were so much disgusted with that scene that they even attempted to ban the Disney movie. 

CAPTION: The Little Mermaid Wedding Officiator's Boner SOURCE: Lolwot

Well, this is all from us, if you have any other moments that changed your look of the Disney cartoons then share with us on the comment section.