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Top 10 moments of Natalie Morales when her height made her hot yet beautiful

July 17, 2016
First published on:July 17, 2016
by John

Natalie Morales is a synonym to gorgeousness and beauty and all the girls go green while the guys swoon over her. But hey even this woman has her shade of maybe-I-am -not-that-perfect. And when she has that;all the other ladies around feeling that way- it is totally normal. A little birdie did inform us that if one thing that bothers Natalie except Matt Lauer it is her height.But wait for a second even if she does have that going on in her head she has given all the woman around goals in matching up their height and looking as tall.

1.When Pink and Black became the party dress

This picture where Natalie is seen enjoying and having fun is of her times in Sweden. In a total party mood, Natalie is savouring herself and not just that she is also requesting others to join her for the song playing is Take a chance on Me. Well, that pinkish kind of top with the black skirt looks perfect for that adorable height of hers. Girls you all just got your  new party dress.


I'm getting my party on early here at #abbamuseum in Sweden. #takeachanceonme playing.. If only you could hear the music

A photo posted by Natalie Morales (@nmoralesnbc) on

2. When Neon colors did the trick

Neon colors are so back in the trend and if a midi dress is not what ladies are loving nowadays; they are definitely missing out on a lot. We don’t say that but sure does Natalie. On a recent event, Natalie wore this dress which made her look really tall and that perfect body figure just added up. But what we can’t take our eyes from this is that heel adoring her legs.Just so you know, Natalie is a shoeholic.


@thegracies being honored with @racheldelima @jaclyn.levin and @klgandhoda!

A photo posted by Natalie Morales (@nmoralesnbc) on

3. When Natalie Proved her love for Pink

If there is one thing Natalie loves apart from her kids it definitely is the love for pink. She has at least one time of the day in a week where she has it on herself and well her wardrobe is envious. But this pink top and black pants on a formal look are on a must try list. Also looking at it that look actually makes you look leaner than you already are.


@dylandreyernbc its Twinsies Tuesday! Not planned at all.

A photo posted by Natalie Morales (@nmoralesnbc) on

4.When Natalie had her Cinderella moment

All the looks are in a revival mood and those shimmers and glitters are so back in fashion. Natalie Morales for a recent award function took the full advantage of it dressing in a silver dress that has apt use of all of it. Just look at those pair of shoes. Silver and glass looking- did Cinderella just lose her pair of shoes again?

5. When Tiger prints did not look Bleh

Who even says Tiger prints are so bleh? Look at this 44-year-old woman dressed in a red short dress and with that tiger print complimenting it. Adding more to those envious look- she was in this avatar for a formal event that was at White House.

6. When Golden Globes looked even more posh

Well, it seems Natalie is on a spree to own wherever she goes. In the Golden Globes Award 2016; Natalie came down looking majestic and posh in a purple gown to support her friend. And the gown was just apt; you know why? Because it was not lengthy and the best part about it the heels did it’s job perfectly well.


With my friend @nancyodell and feeling #clemsontigers proud! For you Nancy! #goldenglobes2016

A photo posted by Natalie Morales (@nmoralesnbc) on

7. When Khloe met Natalie

When two women meet they only talk about good looks but this talking was much more than just looking good. When Natalie met Khloe Kardashian for an interview there were lots of hushing going on but  more than that there was also  Natalie slaying the look in a printed t-shirt and there you go again with the pink.

8. When social event was a place for GORGEOUSNESS

There are lots of good looking girls in that photo but hey hey hey just look at those heels. Natalie undoubtedly loves those heels  we love it too. This is one of the best looks of Natalie who was simply wearing an orange dress and just the shoes did the trick and made all the difference.


Barbecue lunch with @usagym @simonebiles @swaggymaggy2016 @brenna_dowell @allyraisman @gabbycvdouglas #roadtorio2016

A photo posted by Natalie Morales (@nmoralesnbc) on

9. When Beach and Wedge made a great combination

Who says beaches are not the place to have a party and have fun? Dressed in shorts and a green top Natalie is totally slaying  the mood and the look she has is every more amazing; wedge heels just in case you don't fall but still manage to look tall. Nice move there Natalie.

10. When LBD came to Natalie's rescue

All a girl needs to survive her fantasy of looking good is an LBD. Natalie no doubts knows this trick even better because this is the look she has owned. Standing with such tall woman Natalie still manages to look best and well her height does not even count here. Black has done it’s job perfectly. 

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