Do you Know Some Emerging Technologies can Change The World? Find out How They will Make The Change

April 20, 2017
First Published On: April 6, 2016

Innovations and advancement in technologies have already shown us a revolutionary change in our life.

We have already so many things that have amazed us by their functionalities and advance mechanisms, researchers and scientists are still working hard to find out something new and interesting which can make a revolutionary change in the human life.

Here we have found some of the running and upcoming projects which would show us unbelievable changes in the technological world.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI is the characteristics of human behavior obtained by machines. Simply, it is a scientific way to the creation of intelligent machine which can behave and work as humans.

It can be described as an advanced version of the robotic system which could operate through the computer system and act like humans, such as Speech Recognition, Learning, Planning, Problem-solving and much more.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the real-time indirect or direct streaming of the physical, real-world environment whose components are supplemented through sensor’s generated input by a computer such as GPS data or graphics, sound, video where the shape or the view of a real object is modified mostly minimized rather than augmented.

Due to the real-time facility and with the use of Augmented-reality technology, the information of a user and the news related to the real world turns digitally manipulative and interactive.

3D Printing

3D printing is the process of creating a physical object through a digital design. It is a process to create a solid three-dimensional physical object by the use of different technologies. However, the main concept is similar to all, that by adding material layer by layer.

3D Printed Statue

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Mind-controlled Prosthetic

Thanks to advanced enhancement in robotics and neuroscience that has taken out our amazingly strange thoughts as truth, for example, the thought of control of prosthetic limbs by the use of mind is slowly becoming reality.

We have already several mind-controlled prosthetics that can carry out the amputees complex tasks such as to allow a patient of paralysis to feel the sense of touch, also the system which permits to control of two prosthetic arms at the same time.

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)

WSN is the distributed autonomous sensors used to find out environmental or physical conditions like sounds, pressure, temperature, etc. Some modern networks are bi-directional and allows handling sensor activity.

Digital Health

The digital data collected from medical science with the different community and demographics provide information to understand the behavior and the situation of the diseases and help to identify the solutions on some treatments.

Such large information is really helpful to reduce medical cost, improves the healthcare systems, and establishes the improved and quality medical facilities and much more. Digitization also motivates people to look after their health.

Vertical Farming

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Vertical Farming is the mechanism of farming in vertically stacked layers, like in used warehouse and shipping container. The Vertical farming uses the techniques Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology and of indoor farming where all the natural environmental factors can be directed.

It facilitates control over light, humidity, gasses, temperature, and fertigation etc. In some cases, this technique also uses ideas of greenhouse and natural sunlight which can be augmented with the metal reflector and lighting.

Balloon Internet:

More than half of the population worldwide is still out of the Internet access, the Balloon Internet is the concept of Google, registered as the ‘Project Loon’ is the access of Internet through the balloons travelling near to the space, designed to access the internet throughout the entire world, this project is mostly focused on people in remote and rural areas.

Reusable Rockets

Generally rockets are destroyed on after its use, however recently the rocket launchers have started to develop reusable rockets. A launching of rocket costs more than $1.5 billion whereas reusable rockets would help creating a new history in spaceflight and would strongly support reducing the cost of rocket launching.

Google Automatic Car

Google is a leading company in the field of Technology, Google Automatic Car is now under the project ‘Waymo’. Waymo was started to develop autonomous vehicle publicly, according to the Google the automatic car is ready to use and it has been tested in most of the United States cities.

It is still not in use because of some legal issues and still needs to look for the faults. Presently, most of the top Automobile developers are focusing on developing their own automatic vehicle.

If it goes well any person can reach their destination without knowing how to drive or by just pressing a single button.

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