Can you Imagine Beauty of Our World? Find out Top 10 Amazing Places: You Should Visit Before You Die

February 8, 2017
First Published On: February 8, 2017
by HitBerry

Our world is full of breathtaking beauty, it has filled with the unbelievable beautiful things which are either natural or man-made. It is so sad to know that our single life is not enough to explore all the beauty of our world.

Either if we are unable to visit most of the mesmerizing places in the earth, we can imagine how beautiful it is; because of its diversity in climate, culture, religion, nature and much more, it might be one of the most attractive places in the entire Universe.

What to Visit on Earth

There is not a single thing that can be described as the most attractive or beautiful place in our world; our earth has filled with the millions of delightful things. The beauty of earth lies everywhere, the different part of the earth like Oceans, forest, mountains, Himalayas, canyons, Caves, Lakes etc. as well as the thousands of manmade things have their own beauty.

It seems impossible to find out and mention all the places we should visit in our life, however, we have taken out some of the best places everyone should visit to know the beauty of our mother earth.

source: theverge

The Salar de Uyuni of Bolivia, world’s largest mirror

Source: escapereality

In the Southwest Bolivia, close to the crest of the Andes lies the largest salt flat known as the Uyuni of Bolivia which is 10,582 Km2 in size and located at the altitude of the 3,656 meters.

The Salar was formed as the outcome of the transmutation between various prehistoric takes. It is among the largest salt flats in Lake Minchin, generated after the giant prehistoric Lake dried up. This is famous as the largest mirror in the world.

Vaadhoo, Maldives

Source: wanderpig

Vaadhoo is an Island located in Maldives, the famous island is also known as the heaven on earth; which is being popular for its surprises that are disclosed at night.

The dazzling shining water of the sea provides a feel of a mirror, which is reflecting the sparkling stars above. Although, the secret behind is the phytoplankton, a species which creates too romantic natural lighting in the world.

Whitehaven Beach at Whitsunday Island, Australia

Source: australiantraveller

Situated in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park, which is also one of the most beautiful and immaculate beaches in the entire world.

It was awarded with the “Travelers Choice Beaches Awards” after the exploration by the TripAdvisor Travelers also named as the “number one beach in Australia” in 2013.

The popular Whitehaven beach stretches for seven kilometers and cleaning by swirls of turquoise, green and blue water. The sand in the seashore is 98% of pure white silica that provides it mind blowing luminescent color.

Gansu Province, China

Source: journeyontheedge

Gansu Province located in northwestern china is similar to the size of California, with nearly 26 million population. Most of its citizens are Han Chinese, with few Tibetans and ethnic Hui. Ghyangye Danxia landform includes the parts of the Gobi Desert, marvelous mountain formations, yellow River, the residuum of the Silk Road, also the Great Wall of China.

Antelope Canyon

Source: journeyontheedge

 Lies in the Southwest part of the USA, Antelope Canyon is among the most photographed spot canyons in the world. The architecture is designed through the upper Antelope Canyon (the Crack) and the Lower Antelope Canyon (The Corkscrew).

The crack here is the most visited part because of its flat topography and sheer sandstone walls. It features spiral rock vault which is bathed in silent sunlight, generating heart-melting shades of orange and red that may change throughout a day while the sun travel over the sky.

The Tianzi Mountain

Source: futurism

Situated in the Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province of China, The Tianzi Mountain provides awesome views of peaks that intensify one after another. It covers the area of 67 Km2 (Approx. 16,550 acres), and the highest peak is about 4,140 feet (nearly 1,262 meters) above the sea level. This place is also known as the Monarch of the Peak Forest.

Petra, Jordan

Source: khanacademy

Inhabited since ancient time,Petra, Nabatean caravan city is located between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Which was among the major crossroads between Arabia, Syria-Phoenicia, and Egypt. Is was half built and half carved into the rocks that are covered by riddled mountains perforate with gorges and passages.

It is an archaeological site that is one of the most popular and mysterious in the world, where ancient Eastern culture meld with Hellenistic architecture. The unbelievable Universal worth of Petra inhabit in the huge extent of temple architectures and  elaborate tomb; the remnant networks, religiously valuable places, diversion dams and tunnels which is integrate with a large network of reservoirs and cisterns that handled seasonal rains and highly valued archaeological remains containing of copper mining, churches, temples and different public buildings.

The Socotra Archipelago, Yemen

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The Socotra Islands are the priceless ornaments of Yemen as well as of the whole Arabian region. It is indeed a place of zoological and botanical treasures nurtured by a long group of generations of the islanders, the protectors of the special cultural traditions of Yemen.

For hundreds of year, the Socotra Islands out of the eyes of early explorers. However, near the end of the 90s, it has become the heart of attractions, especially for those who had interested to economic improvement and natural territory preservation.

Presently, the unique natural beauty of Socotra attracts not only specialists and scientists but also lovers of nature.

Hitachi Sea Side park, Japan

Source: colle

Hitachi Seaside Park is a capacious park in Ibaraki Prefecture presenting seasonal flowers and different green spaces spread out into 350 hectares, as well as contains an amusement park and several walking trails and cycling. The iconic flower in the park is blue hemophila that covers Miharashi Hill in the spring. The mesmerizing view of flower comes to their peak from April to May.

In fall the entire hill is covered by green kokia bushes, the interesting factor here is the turning of green kokia into the red as the weather becomes cooler. The color normally on its best from starting to mid-October.

Everest Basecamp, Everest, Nepal

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The highest pick of the world, Mount Everest lies in the Himalayan region of Nepal. The Highest peak in Everest is 8.848 meters above sea level. The international border between Nepal and China Passes through the Everest’s summit point.

For many people it might not be possible to reach the highest peak of the Everest, Everest base camp would be the best choice for them. In 2012 around 37,000 people trekked in the Everest region. During traveling to Everest Base Camp travelers can enjoy the unique Sherpa culture through visiting museums and monasteries.

The blend of the natural beauty, influencing culture and self-achievement of villagers, as well as the Heart touching Nepalese hospitality and the super-hot local Nepalese food in the cold climate from the locals, turns Everest Base Camp trek one of the best and unforgettable.

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