Tony Hale and wife Martel Thompson, parents to daughter Loy, planning on more children

October 28, 2015
First Published On: October 28, 2015
by HitBerry

Actor Tony Hale recently bagged his second Prime Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in Comedy Series for his role of sycophantic personal aide to the Vice President of the United States on the HBO comedy Veep. The actor’s happiness was beyond measure. He got all nervous up on the stage while receiving his award and for a moment it seemed as if he would forget to thank his cast and crew member. But he did manage to thank everyone, most importantly his wife and daughter. But rumor has it that after his victory on the small screen, this family oriented guy is celebrating another personal victory. It is being said that this Emmy award winning actor is all set to expand his cute little family. Hale and Thompson are planning to become parents for the second time.

The talented actor is married to Emmy Award-winning make-up artist Martel Thompson, with whom he has a daughter named Loy. They tied the knot on May 24, 2003. Hale, for whom family has always been of the utmost priority, is quite eager to have another kid in his house.

The news was confirmed by one of our sources. The insider claimed that Hale and his wife Thompson had been thinking of having yet another baby from a very long time. The source revealed that the since couple’s daughter Loy was almost a teenager, they wanted to have another child because they didn’t want to end up as parents of a single spoilt child.

“Both Tony and Martel seem to think that Loy might get spoilt or out of hand if she is raised as a single child. So, they want to bring a bit of change in the environment. They believe that if they conceive another baby then Loy will grow more responsible as a sister and a daughter,” revealed the source. They added, “But the pair fears that if they bring a new life to the family after nine years, Loy might feel neglected and isolated as she is moving toward adolscence. They think that they will have to give more time to the second child and this might lead to Loy drifting apart from her mom and dad.

“But you know what? Tony and Martel are willing to take the risk. They so really want to do it. They are quite desperate.”

The informant added their own opinion as well. They thought that Hale would be a great and cool dad as he loved kids. The gossipmonger added to the fact that the actor, who had penned a children’s book named “Archibald’s Next Big Thing”; a book about a chicken named Archibald who has trouble living in earlier the moment this year, knows how to handle and take care of children.

So if the rumors are indeed true then we would like to wish the couple all the very best.