Tonette Walker talks about Meeting Husband Scott Walker at Karaoke Night in a bar as the Republican Governor from Wisconsin enters 2016 presidential race

July 14, 2015
First published on:July 14, 2015
by HitBerry

Republican Scott Walker has officially entered the presidential race 2016. With this, he became the 15th high-profile Republican to enter the government. Politics became his ambition at a young age. Now, he is running for president as a representative of the Republican party.

"Americans want to vote for something and for someone," said Walker to the crowd in Wisconsin. "So tonight, let me tell you what I'm for. I'm for reform, growth, safety. I'm for transferring power from Washington into the hands of hard working tax payers in all states across the country, that's real reform."

"Americans deserve a president who will fight and win for them," he said. "You see, it doesn't matter if you're from a big city, a suburb or a small town, I will fight and win for you. Healthy or sick, born or unborn, I will fight and win for you."

‘I'm in. I'm running for president because Americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them. – SW,’ posted Scott on his Twitter account.

He was recently accused by America’s Best, an eyewear company for copying their logo for his presidential campaign. Just a day after he officially entered the presidential race, the company took to its official Twitter page, to note the similarity. The tweet read:

“@ScottWalker sure TRUMPed us by ‘borrowing’ our logo. #logogate,” the company tweeted, adding in another tweet, “We’re not CRUZin for a legal battle #logogate.”


CNN posted an article noting the similarities of the logos. On this, the company tweeted,  “We think @ScottWalker’s logo is HILLARYous. #logogate,”


His son’s Matt and Alex, who were quoted by CNN as the ‘staple of his stump speech’, were interviewed by CNN.In the interview, his son Alex shared the story of how his parents met.

"He wrote on a napkin 'forgive me for being rude. But, I've gotta work early in the morning. But, if you'd like to go out sometime gimme a call' and he put his number down, and his name," he shares. 

Their mother had earlier shared the story about how she and her husband got married, with Brava Magazine. “We saw each other across the room and we were kind of looking at each other. I was waiting and then he wasn’t coming over—and then on his way out, he hands me this napkin. I thought, ‘Well, how rude. This guy is just giving me his trash on his way out!’ But [on the napkin] he wrote ‘Forgive me, I have to get up early in the morning to work but if you’d like to go out with me, call me,” she told the magazine.

That’s a pretty interesting pickup line there Governor Walker!!

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