Tomi Lahren is Disheartened and Embarassed after patron threw water on her; President Trump Praises Her

On Saturday Tomi Lahren and her mom were eating brunch in Minneapolis. They were enjoying their brunch until she was heckled by other diners. Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren was thrown water upon her at the restaurant.


Reportedly, Tomi Lahren was eating brunch with her parents and a group of some people thought that it will be funny to throw water at Tomi Lahren, then started chanting profanity and, again which was really disheartening to Lahren. One of the restaurant employees tried to control the situation and suggested Lahren leave the area. 

But after Lahren protested that that was unfair, the employee makes the water-thrower leave the restaurant.

On Wednesday while talking with Lahren about the incident she said that:

CAPTION: Tomi Lahren SOURCE: Twitter

I’m a person, too, and I do get humiliated and embarrassed just like anyone else, but I’m tough, my family is tough, we can handle it. I think that those that threw the water and were applauding and laughing about it wanted to get their 15 minutes of fame by making a video of me.”

CAPTION: Donald Trump Tweet SOURCE: Twitter

After Lahren claimed that she is not broken at all, President Trump praised claiming that she is an outstanding and respected young woman.