Who is Tomi Lahren boyfiend? Know about her relationship and affairs

HitBerryPublished on   26 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

It's no surprise to see any beautiful media personality followed by thousands of males fans all across the country. There's a law called, 'Law of Attraction' and it explains that opposite attracts. Let’s see how Tomi Lahren best known for hosting Tomi on theBlaze life is working with the law of attraction and with whom is she attracted to?

Let us know who Tomi Lahren is dating currently along with her love affairs and relationship. Be ready to explore.

Tomi Lahren relationship status, know whether she is single or dating someone

The American conservative political commentator, Tomi Lahren’s relationship with one of the secretive man has become a hot topic nowadays. More recently, when she took a picture with that Afro-American man, everyone is excited enough to know whether that mystery man is her boyfriend or not.

Well, there was nothing to make such issue if she wasn’t viewed by many people as a racist. So, let’s deep in the peak and know who is that secretive young man she has been spotted with? Is he her new boyfriend?

If you are also wondering and want to know the exact fact of the Afro-American man who is assumed to be Tomi Lahren’s boyfriend, then keep on scrolling below as we will reveal all the details about Tomi and the mysterious man affair if they are having any.

Know about mystery guy in Tomi Lahren’s life

A photo of Tomi Lahren and a mystery man is going viral on the internet these days. In the picture, Lahren is posing alongside an African-American man, for which Tomi’s fans are scratching their heads.

Tomi has neither mentioned the mystery guy’s name nor she has revealed anything about her affairs with the secret man. So, what may have provoked the dating rumor?

The photo included a captioned saying, “Love of my life, Shining like a Star” with a heart emoji. But nobody knows where the photo actually came from. For now, it is just a rumor that Lahren is dating that guy and nothing has been revealed about the unknown man in the photo.

As photo speaks for itself, If you go through Lahren’s Instagram account, you will see that she has not uploaded any photos with the guy. So for now, it is safe to assume that Lahren is possibly single.

Although currently, Tomi Lahren is possibly single, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t dated in the past. Let us know about her past relationships and love affairs.

Tomi Lahren and her ex-boyfriend Jerad Christian’s Relationship

Tomi once dated military officer Jerad Christian. The lovebirds first saw each other in San Diego. At that time Jerad was based at Navel Amphibious Base Coronado. Since the day they had their first meeting, the couple started going on several romantic dates and soon they started falling for each other.

Tomi Lahren and her ex-boyfriend Jerad Christian Tomi Lahren and her ex-boyfriend Jerad Christian, Source: Controversial times

Tomi’s handsome ex-boyfriend was so supportive that he even inspired her tirade against President Obama and his ‘half-baked’ISIS policy. 

Is Tomi Lahren dating a Black Republican Kevin Martin?

On Tomi's 25th birthday, Black Republican Kevin Martin posted a picture of a two wishing Tomi a very happy birthday which provoked many people to think that Tomi and black republican Martin were dating.

Have a look at is birthday wish post:

Tomi, As you look back on yesterday, may your memories be warm ones. As you celebrate today, may your heart be filled with happiness and joy. As you look ahead to tomorrow, may all your deepest hopes and dreams come true. Happy big 25. Happy Birthday, Tomi Lahren . 

 BlaBlack Republican Kevin Martin and Tomi Lahren BlaBlack Republican Kevin Martin and Tomi Lahren

Being said that, we still are unaware of the details of Lahren’s romantic or platonic relationship with Martin, they might very well be good friends only.