Tom Joyner Divorced Donna Richardson after 24 years of relationship. Is he dating someone?

HitBerryPublished on   16 Dec, 2016Updated on   05 May, 2021

Tom Joyner a famous name for the sports network ESPN is a well-known sportscaster and commentator. After being linked with many hot Hollywood divas Tom is gathering a lot of buzz on the web. Sportscaster Tom is nowadays named alongside a lot of hotties from media and sports after a divorce from his former Donna Richardson. 

Let's take a look at his personal life and find out about all of the hot women who he dated, married or was rumored with. Today we are going to give our readers a detailed information about his love life from this part of today's blog. We will explore his married life and date history and reveal who he is dating nowadays which will include names like Porsha Williams, Claudia Jordan and Donna Richardson.

Married to Donna Richardson 

The fifty-five years old sports journalist was married to Donna Richardson in 2000's in a lovely location of Montego Beach Bay, Jamaica. The couple separated in 2012 with a formal divorce action claiming irresponsible difference to be the cause of separation as confronted by a member near to Tom Joyner. 

The couple split after 12 long years of their married relationship. The couple went through a peaceful divorce without any child custody issue as they don't have any children from their 12 years long wedded life. But, Tom already has two grown-up children from his previous wedding with Dora Chatmon named  Thomas Jr and Oscar.

Is Tom dating someone?

The list of his girlfriend was already hot enough without adding these two hot properties as his former wives were a straight example of American sweethearts. But our sportscaster surprises every one of his followers after his name was linked with the model, actress and TV personality Porsha Williams.


Yes! he was once rumored to be involved with the famous singer Porsha but Porsha instantly denied the rumor and apologized to his former wife in an interview with Houston Style Magazine.

Claudia Jordan affair rumor

Claudia Jordan is another name to join the league of a hot woman dating Tom Joyner. She is a famous woman known to have some famous personalities.

The rumor inflamed after Tom was speculated to have donated more than $20,000 to appear on her show  The Apprentice. So, he has been rumored to be dating Claudia Jordan since his appearance on her show.