Tom Brady leads another comeback. The Patriots win another Super Bowl

Michael SmithPublished on   05 Feb, 2018Updated on   23 Apr, 2021

Tom Bradley has become the NFL's most valuable player and it’s his third time. Well, he is leading towards his sixth Super Bowl title and a fifth MVP trophy for the NFL championship. Just with under two and a half minutes on the clock, the trophy seems to be in good hands with the iconic quarterback beginning a drive.

Although the Eagles defensive end crashed into him, it was quite difficult for Tom to score but popping-up all the Eagles defense,  Brady led them in the ground and it was a pretty nice moment because of which Tom Brady crowned league MVP on Super Bowl eve.

None of the audience has predicted about such a victory from Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. There were no late fourth-quarter heroics from the GOAT in Super Bowl LII.

The quarterback was stripped, the Philadelphia Eagles recovered, and after a failed Hail Mary on the next Pats' possession, Brady came with something the football world isn't used to because of which he lost the game that he had a chance to win late.

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Although it seems mistake if we talked about the Eagles pass rusher Brandon Graham, that ultimately sealed the Patriots' fate. And Brady has expressed his views towards Brandon game.

"it sucks"  "Yeah, I mean, it does suck," Brady said. "It obviously -- yup, it sucks."

This time Brady has 5-3 in Super Bowls and is expecting to reach to atone for the loss next season. Brady is turning  41 in this August and he has talked about why he wouldn't be under center in New England next season to try to win a sixth ring.

"I expect to be back, so we'll see," Brady said. "I mean, it's 15 minutes after the game, so I want to process it a bit. But I don't see why I wouldn't be back."

Brady is the second the player in the four major professional sports to win MVP at age 40; Barry Bonds won baseball's award in 2004. Moreover, Tom Brady has said that he is gong to  play next season regardless of Super Bowl outcome.