Today's Star, Matt Lauer Prepped Up as Dolly Parton This Halloween

No doubt Halloween has become dead news but there were some interesting moments worth knowing. Halloween spirit really brought some people out of the closet. Today's anchor, Matt Lauer surprised many when he showed them another side of him.

Don't get it literally folks. Matt just appeared as a woman for this Halloween, again! Yes, this was not his first time. Let's find out from which female celebs he found inspiration for this Halloween and we assure, you will find him hilarious.

Matt Shows Dressed up as a Female for the Fourth Time

This Halloween, for Today's country music-theme, Matt opted for a safer side. Might be the traumatizing effects from his past experiences. Just kidding! Matt Lauer appeared as the simple country singer Dolly Parton making this his fourth time as a woman.

But don't let him fool you that his dress was subtle except for one minor thing. He could not keep himself apart from a pair of high heels. You think the 70-year-old singer felt insulted knowing this?

You would be surprised. Believe it or not, Dolly Parton herself prepped Matt for becoming her. Moreover, she also gave him a thorough lesson on how to walk like her. She showed while saying,

There's a little bit of hillbilly swag. It's kind of between a lope and a sexy drag.

So after all this detailed preparation, how did the final product look like? Did he look alike Dolly Parton? See for yourself.

Matt as Dolly Matt as DollySource:

Finally, such hard work and effort brought a wonderful woman out of Matt. He looked stunning except for the huge hands. Guess something cannot be hidden.

So now let's turn back pages of the past Halloween and have a peek at Matt's other feminine sides. FYI, the world discovered the 59-year-old journalist's hidden talent or say skills on Halloween in 2000.

Matt first transformed as the beautiful singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. The fun part. He wore a dress similar to the famous green Jungle dress wore by JLO, designed by Versace to the 42nd Grammy Awards ceremony earlier that year.

Jennifer Lopez's green Versace dress Jennifer Lopez's green Versace dress Source:

Wondering why did he choose this dress when clearly the dress exposed almost all the private parts? Who knows? Nevertheless, Matt proved he could carry this image and dress gracefully.

Matt Lauer as Jennifer Lopez on Halloween in 2000 Matt Lauer as Jennifer Lopez on Halloween in 2000 Source:

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NBC should seriously consider him as the most valuable asset. Next in line was the granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, Paris Whitney Hilton. Matt Lauer appeared as the complex 36-year-old hottie, actress, and socialite in 2004.

Source: pinterest

The journalist donned the Hilton look with a pair of pink sandal, pink bow, and even a somewhat similar Chihuahua. Sweet dude!

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Oprah Winfrey and Matt as Paris Hilton Oprah Winfrey and Matt as Paris Hilton    Source:

You cannot laugh looking at his pictures yet cannot suppress the admiration for him. But wait! The climax has not come yet.

Perhaps this was the most mentionable costume he ever appeared in. Guess who was the celeb this time? You cannot even imagine. The sexy lifeguard from the Baywatch series, Pamela Anderson. Seriously?

Source: Matt as Pamela Anderson running in slow motion Source:

The competitor this time was more demanding. This required displaying of a perfect figure from head to foot, not to mention the long sleek hairless legs and oversized breasts. So how did he achieve the blond bombshell look? Using a 'Testicle vise'.

Matt Lauer, Carmen Electra and Willie Geist Matt Lauer, Carmen Electra and Willie Geist Source:

So Matt Lauer can look almost as any woman or girl, in that case. Okay proved aside from how manly he looked and walked straight and stiff. Hope he would improvise in future female Matt Lauer. Ciao!