Timmy Cruz is Single again, Who is she dating currently? Know about her Affairs and Relationship

HitBerryPublished on   27 Mar, 2017Updated on   03 Jul, 2018

Note: Topic should be more like Who is Timmy Cruz? Does she have a boyfriend? Know about her affairs and relationship.

Timmy Cruz is a Filipino singer and actress. The late 1980’s was the great year for Timmy. She has been known widely after her songs like Boy, Joke Lang and Tingin was released. Her songs have achieved so much attention globally.

When it comes to singing, no doubt she is an excellent singer as well as a performer but she remains quite regarding her personal life. It’s obvious for fans to be interested in the personal life of their loved celebrity. Let’s know if Tammy is dating anyone.

Timmy Cruz is very silent regarding her personal life. Her love life is unpredictable.

Timmy Cruz’s full name is Fatima Angelica Lontoc Cruz but she is more known as Fatima Cruz to the family. Aside from her singing skills her acting skills are remarkable. She is also hosting Radio and TV events. Projects like The Glass Menagerie and A production of the Actors had added a huge contribution to her career.

Timmy Cruz


Timmy’s fans are very surprised about her silent nature. No celebrity has ever been so silent regarding their personal life. When asked about Timmy’s personal life she says she wants someone who’s personality is more powerful than hers and is independent.

Timmy has not thought anything about marriage till now. She says she can live single whole life without any worries. The singer has proven that if a woman is independent she does not need to worry about the minor things and go with the flow. She is said to be single.

Timmy was rumored to be lesbian after she refused to talk about her love life. People began to assume that she must be linked to women as she was not seen that cozy with boys.

Timmy says that if she chosen to be in relation then she would not be in the industry now and would have been married and had children till now. However, she was linked with a boy many years ago and soon broke up. We don’t know who was that guy.

Timmy Cruz's family


Timmy has been silent for years and her views on marriage have left us speechless. Timmy’s is also rumored to be dating secretly. Maybe, she does not want to reveal anything about her personal life.

Many fans assume that Timmy has dated before but she is single because she is much mature and responsible. Some also assume that Timmy might be searching someone related to the same field. But if she had been searching someone from the same field, she would have found him till now.


Well, we can only say that Timmy is in a relationship with her career. I wish the day comes when Timmy reveals all about her personal life by herself so her fans do not have to assume anything.