Tim Yeager and Robin Meade, Married in 1993, Celebrating 23 years of Successful Marriage, No Divorce

July 7, 2016
First published on:July 7, 2016
by HitBerry

Welcome to the world of showbiz where marriage ends before you can even spell the word 'marriage', where one gets pregnant after the end of their first marriage and the child is born after the end of the second one.

Among these monstrosities are those couples who have stayed together, those who have found their better half or those who takes this relation thing seriously. Not sure in which pole Tim Yeager and Robin Meade lies but they certainly managed to stick together for more than two decades and that definitely tells a certain story.

With her own news show Morning Express with Robin Meade, she sure had reached to her level of fame. Now at the age of 47, she has successfully wasted  spent 23 glorious years with her husband.

Although the couple has often appeared on various occasion, there are no such instances or rumours of them getting divorced.

Known for her popular news shows, she was also 1992 Miss Ohio. Following that, she also became the runner-up for Miss America. Next year she married her life partner Tim Yeager after dating for a while. When they were in a relationship, despite their busy life they met up on almost every Friday after a tedious week.

Now they are living with their 23rd anniversary coming up this 6th of November. Despite their long marriage, it seems they don’t have any children yet. Despite reaching her near fifties it seems both of them are more concerned about their career.

As an HSL correspondent and an anchor Robin Meade is one of the finest of her generation, not to mention beautiful. During her career as a journalist, she has worked in various news agency including WMFD-TV, WCMH-TV, WSVN-TV and HNL.

1992 Miss Ohio Robin looks great indeed, especially in her prime. Her looks are still amazing and she is one of the best-looking anchors in HNL. With her height of 1.6 meters and her beautiful body Robin is perhaps the hottest anchor of her age. Having said that she is also famous for her humorous and confident personality.                                                                                                                           


Robin Meade who has also released two singles has the net worth that is estimated to be around the figure of $4.5 million. According to bornrich.com Robin banks salary that is estimated to be around $750,000 annually.

Besides being a singer, a beauty pageant winner and an anchor, Robin also succeeds as an author. Her book Morning Sunshine!: How to Radiate Confidence and Feel It Too, was also pretty well received. The book tells the story of her anxiety and how she gained confidence.

Robin Meade is one lucky woman. She has a job that pays well, a fame that really makes her one of the most reputed anchors and a man who loves her.

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