Tilda Swinton did not want to be an actor.

HitBerryPublished on   17 May, 2016Updated on   27 May, 2021

53-year-old Scottish actor Tilda Swinton has shown her acting prowess several times. From The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) to A Bigger Splash (2016) to Narnia (2015) to the upcoming Marvel movie Doctor Strange, Swinton has appeared in various avatars. She has proven us that not only is she a remarkable actor but has also portrayed her versatile acting playing diverse characters. Despite her remarkable feat, one may hardly believe that acting was not her aim to start with.

My interests were never in the theater, And it was a sort of strange pit stop for me. I went to university as a writer, and when I got there I stopped writing and fell in with some friends who happened to be seriously making theater. And so, just really because I liked them, I kind of started joining in, and when I left university I kind of rolled on into being in a few plays and then going into the Royal Shakespeare Company and there were a couple of years when I was figuring out, you know, piece after piece what I didn't want to do."


It was after she met director Derek Jarman that she started believing that she can succeed in this path. Now, that Swinton has become a veteran actor, she has revealed that she likes to play dynamic characters, not a plain boring one.

Swinton, herself has revealed that although she is an actress by profession, she does not consider herself to be one.

 “I don’t know what it would take for me to feel like one,” she says. “I understand it’s a strange thing to say because I do keep saying, ‘Yes, I’ll dress up and be in your film.’ But when I hear proper actors talking about their lives and how they approach their work, I feel like I’m up another tree.”

We don’t have a clue what she might have been had she not taken on acting but we are glad that she did.

Although her new Asian role in Doctor Strange sparked up some controversy, her acting is still near perfection. Fans believe that she is not the right person for the job yet the trailer looks pretty classy with her as The Ancient One.

Watch the trailer for her upcoming movie Doctor Stranger starring Benedict Cumberbatch here: