Thrice divorced actress Nancy Allen, age 65, shares what she has learned through her marriages with her 3 husbands

January 5, 2016
First published on:January 5, 2016
by HitBerry

Actress Nancy Allen has been married and divorced thrice in her life time. It is only natural that the actress knows all that there is to know about human relationship. The movie star opened up to our sources about the lessons she learned from her previous marriages.

The actress revealed that knowing the partner very well before the marriage is very vital. She also claimed that her poor judgment was one of the reasons behind her unsuccessful marriages.

She further added that she learned that mutual understanding and trust is very important in a successful marriage. After all one can’t be tied to a person who doesn’t respect you, for a long time, the actress told our sources. She also stated that she learned that you should know a person inside out before actually marrying them.

Allen was married to Brian De Palma from 1979 to 1983. Their marriage ended after 4 short years. It is believed that the negative press they received was the main reason behind their divorce. She married Craig Shoemaker in 1992, but the two discovered that they incompatible after 2 years of marriage. She remained married to her third husband Randy Bailey for the longest time. The two were together for 9 years before parting ways in 2007.

It is believed the actress is currently single. There are no reports of the actress’s possible boyfriends. It has been suggested that Allen doesn’t wants to get married anymore.

The actress who wanted to be a dancer in at a young age started acting in her teen years. She was only about 14 when she appeared in the comedy, I Wanna Hold Your Hand in 1978. After that, Allen has been featured in several films.  Terror in the Isles, Blow Out, The Philadelphia Experiment and Robocop Trilogy are some of her commercially successful and critically acclaimed movies.

The performance she gave on ‘Dressed to Kill’ won her a nomination for the Golden Globe awards in 1981. She has also won nominations for Saturn Award for her performance in the Robocop movie series.

The actress is very active in charity. In 2010, she was named the Executive Director of the weSPARK Cancer Support Center. “That is what I do. That is what my life is dedicated to. I’m there, I run it. I’ve created the whole program format and I fundraise. It is my life’s work”, the actress said about her role as the director of cancer support foundation. Today, she is actively involved in several fundraising programs to help the cancer victims.

Allen is not active in social media platforms. She has neither a Twitter nor an Instagram account.

Her net worth remains undisclosed at the moment. But, it is suggested to be approximately $2 million dollars.

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