Things get ugly at the Chris Van Hollen-Donna Edwards Senate race in Maryland.

April 26, 2016
First Published On: April 26, 2016
by HitBerry

To talk about the political condition of Maryland, the open Senate seat has made a non-regrettable sudden change to the left democratic better candidates Ms. Donna F. Ewards and Chris Van Hollen, both making effort to state the equal responsibility on gun control and trade.

 The battle between them turned out to be distinctly ugly in the final days before Tuesday’s primary in the election of deep-blue Maryland, whose result would come out in November.

Ms. Edwards is seen criticizing Mr. Van Hollen calling insufficient support of gun control.  The matter got very fiery that the White House got to reproof a pro-Edwards political action committee for using President Barack Obama to attack her opponent on one ad.

Van Hollen is the base Montgomery County, and he has got the support of the majority of the state’s top Democrats, and just he received the endorsement Monday of former Government Martin O’Malley.

And Ms. Edwards’ district cores on Prince George’s County, backed by Emily’s List Democracy For America and Progressive Change Campion.

Though the polling shows an equal competition between both of them but the recent surveys have given Mr. Van Hollen a periphery.

A professor at Towson University and a long-time observer of Maryland politics stated about Ms. Edwards-

“She appears to be so liberal as to be too liberal for Maryland, which is unusual,”

There are also the talks about the race where Ms. Edwards, who is black, has complained that fellow members of the Congressional Black Caucus have not jumped to her side.

Analyst are are saying that it 's hard to point to significant policy differences between Van Hollen and Ms. Edwards.

The race is tight, and the people of Maryland are eager to know the result.

Here is a video about “Bat” I Donna Edwards For Senate.