who is Theo James's girlfriend? Know about his past affairs

HitBerryPublished on   23 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

Every celebrity creates a buzz in Hollywood with their break up, patch up and relationship. Thanks to paparazzi and other sources, we hardly miss out any rumors and gossips that are hot in town. Today Theo James is in that list of celebs and is in limelight because of his relationship rumor.

Theo James is a British actor, known for portraying the role of Tobias "Four" Eaton in the film The Divergent Series which is based on the Nobel. Theo is one of Hollywood’s biggies and there is no doubt about that he is dating and enjoying his life. So let's find out Who is Theo James dating and his past affairs.

Theo James Girlfriend

Theo James is in a relationship with Ruth Kearney. The couple is together since 2009. As they are together from a long time they must be sharing a strong bond and everything seems to be going well with this love birds. The duo is also spotted sharing a romantic kiss. Let's have a look.

Theo James and Ruth Kearney Kissing Theo James and Ruth Kearney Kissing     Source: PopSugar

According to different sources, Theo James and Ruth Kearney are engaged as they were spotted shopping for engagement rings. The couple is seen eyeing some pricey bling in a couple of major jewelry stores. The duo is living happily since a long time but the question is Can their love life be as the same forever? Well only time will say that.

Theo James dating rumor and past relationship

Beside Ruth Kearney, Theo James dating rumor was with Shailene Woodley. As the couple are seen together in the “Divergent” movie franchise many people used to take them as a real life couple.

Theo James and Shailene Woodley Theo James and Shailene Woodley

Their relationship grew stronger as they acted together in the movie and their relationship made everyone curious. Their on screen chemistry and first kiss in front of camera make everyone believe that they are actually dating. But the onscreen couple didnt last for long. They seperated at the end of the flim in 2014.

Theo james was also seen in on-screen relationship with Dakota Fanning. They both co-starred in the movie “Franny". In that movie thay are seem as husband and wife. They acted so well that the people started making speculatiuon about their realm life dating. But later on the rumor vanished  away.

Dakota Fanning and Theo James Dakota Fanning and Theo James    Source: allhisgirlfriends.com

As nothing was heard of the duo’s relationship let us say that their onscreen relationship ended at the end of the movie.