The Voice Australia judge Delta Goodrem storms off set following heated argument with fellow judge Jessie J

July 14, 2015
First published on:July 14, 2015
by HitBerry

The ever increasing tension between the two judges of The Voice Australia, Singer Delta Goodrem and Jessie J turned into a heated argument which ended with Delta’s storming off from the set following fellow judge Jessie J’s sharp critique over a contestant’s performance. The news has already made headlines , followed by thousands of tweets on Twitter and number of posts on Instagram.

The feud between these two hot properties started as soon as they took up the responsibility of judging Channel 9’s hit singing reality show The Voice Australia. The disagreement between these two has always been the talk of the town but the Innocent Eyes hit maker Delta took it a step further by leaving the set in the middle of filming. Goodrem didn’t agree with the Bang Bang singer’s comments on singing teacher Tamara Callaghan's rendition of Marilyn Monroe's song Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.

While the former Neighbours actress said that the Callaghan was “100 per cent on the right path”, Jessie J totally disagreed with her.

“I wouldn’t agree, I wouldn’t agree,” Jessie J said following Goodrem’s view on O’Callaghan.

“It felt like you weren’t serious, you know, and felt like you are hiding behind something, like who you are now is completely different to who you were 20 seconds ago,” Jessie J openly said to Callaghan.

“I felt disconnected to you...because what you were doing didn’t feel like you.”

Goodrem fired back to Jessie J saying that “it’s can be so heavy”

But Jessie J interrupted her with that “One last question” stuff which made the situation even worse as Goodrem got pissed off.

“I’m done with this sh*t,” she said as she took off her microphone and walked out of the stage all furious while two production staff followed her.

The Lost Without You singer claimed that Jessie J was trying to demean a contestant. “I can’t sit here and watch artists be embarrassed on stage,” Goodrem said during a post spat interview. “I think I had had enough of the tough love. I want to be someone who wants to encourage people’s dreams.”

Everybody knew that Goodrem was angry for a good reason but Jessie J has clearly stated that she won’t be changing her tune.

This incident made quite a big news in the media as the show producer was even suspected of orchestrating the brawl between Jessie J and Goodrem. But, he has clarified everything to the Daily Mail saying that whatever happened was genuine.

Goodrem joined the show shortly after the incident and both her and Jessie cleared out the misunderstanding according to The two singers were seen chatting away happily and laughing in audition breaks.

Goodrem is a famous Australian singer-songwriter and actress. She has given a number of hit songs and currently holds Australian record for the highest-selling album of the last decade (Innocent Eyes) and the most number one singles from a debut album. After finding success as a singer, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of lymphoma, in which cancer originates from white blood cells called lymphocytes. While suffering from cancer she underwent a treatment of chemotherapy, which resulted in loss of her hair, and radiation therapy. As the news about her condition spread all around the media, she received lot a support from her fans and general public alike. The rumors about her pregnancy flew high in 2008 while she was seen visiting Symbion Ultrasound and Radiography in Castle Hill with her then boyfriend Brian McFadden while in one of her regular check-ups following her battle with cancer. But she denied being pregnant.

Now Goodrem is enjoying a very successful singing career and we all hope that the feud between Jessie J and her ends very soon.

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