The Tudors star Maria Doyle Kennedy and husband Keiran Kennedy at odds with their children??

HitBerryPublished on   04 Jan, 2016Updated on   12 May, 2021

Maria Doyle Kennedy, age 51, is a prominent and celebrated singer, songwriter and television film actress. Maria and Keiran (her husband) tied the knot in 1988 and she is now the mother of four children (Lewis, Jesse James, Daniel and Salvador).

The pair are rather well known for their happily married life and closeness with their children. However, recent reports have suggested that Maria Doyle Kennedy and husband Keiran Kennedy are at odds with their children. What is the real case? Let us dig in.

The Irish queen of entertainment Maria, who has had a nearly thirty five year long singing career and a twenty five years long acting career, has proved to be a great mother till date. She reveals music to be the foundation behind their family integrity- their long thirty years of marriage and the wholesome family of six.

But every day is not Sunday my friends! Our sources reveal that there have been disagreements between their children and Kennedy couple, lately.

One of Maria and Keiran Kennedy’s son has been diagnosed with ‘Down syndrome’. The insiders reveals that other children are a little mean to the child and often disputes have taken place over the issue.

Now, under the doctor’s instruction of close supervision and extra care to the child, mother Maria has been over protective and has even started abandoning her career. The sources spill that this is the main reason behind the dispute in their family.

The ‘Down syndrome’ is a genetic disorder characterized by delay in physical growth and mild to moderate intellectual disability.

The children are in favor that Tudors and Downton Abbey star mother should keep pursuing her singing and acting career. On the other hand, Maria and Keiran have too big a heart to not prioritize their child.

Maria is well known for her worldwide hit folk albums ‘Mütter and Sing’. She has been active in singing since the 80’s. But Kennedy's first experience with acting came only in 1991 as Natalie Murphy in The Commitments. She received widespread recognition for her role as Catherine of Aragon on the British historical fiction television series The Tudors. And now, she is one of the greatest stars in the world. The sources also reveal that the Kennedy family is the big fan of Dexter.

Maria Kennedy starred as the lead, Mairéad Mhic Iarnáin, for the second series of Corp & Anam in 2014 and also appeared as Jupiter's mother Aleksa in The Wachowskis's 2015 film Jupiter Ascending. Maria Kennedy is currently set to star in the upcoming 2016 sequel of the supernatural horror film, The Conjuring, entitled The Conjuring 2. So lets us wait and watch what Maria is up to.

Maria and Keiran Kennedy are people of music and generosity. Music matters to them more than anything. According to Maria, she would not miss acting but would not pass a day without singing.