The tragic story behind Ian McNeice's dating and married life, his wife, girlfriend and children

Ian McNiece and his wife Katie Nicholls have had troubling times in the past. The most traumatic event they had to go through as a couple was when Katie, while in Africa, was raped at knife point by three men, which left her emotionally and physically damaged for an extended period in her life.

Ian and Katie were married in the early eighties. However, they split up after being married for over fifteen years. Many people have stated that Katie’s rape and the aftermath of that incident led to the collapse of their marriage, as both of them could not handle the situation.

Ian and Katie had three children from their marriage, Maisie McNeice, Angus McNeice and Travers McNeice.  Maisie is an actress by profession and has featured in a number of movies over a period of time. She is also known as an exceptional stage actor and has concentrated most of her time and skill to further her career in this field.

Anugus is a writer and lawyer and has written a number of papers and research studies over the years. He still maintains warm relationship with his father, even after being raised by his mother most of his life.

Travers, unlike his family tradition of being in the entertainment business, has turned out to be a leading business consultant for one of the leading financial consultant firms of England. Unlike his brother Angus, Travers despises his father and hasn’t met with him for over a decade.

After his split with Katie, Ian remained single for a number of years before her started dating his present girlfriend Cindy Franke, who is a movie production co-coordinator. She has coordinated most of the films Ian has been in, most notable of them being the “Harry Potter series”.

Ian comes from a family who has been in the entertainment business for three generations. He has also said, growing up in a home filled with actors and actresses that too who where the most respected in all of England was all the motivation he needed to pursue his career in films.

Ian, who has one of the most illustrious careers in England, has been part of over thirty movies and TV series and miniseries combined. His most notable films have been “Valkyire”, “Oliver Twist” and “Around the World in 80 Days”. His outstanding performance on TV came with the popular British TV show “Doctor Who”.

Ian, from an early age up to his sixties, battled with obesity. It resulted in him being cast out from many roles he had already managed to secure. In the year 2013, he finally decided something must be done about his weight and went on to take a weight loss program, which turned out to be fruitful for his cause. He went on to reduce over forty kilos in a span of one year and has continued with the program.

Currently, Ian has been filming a documentary on his struggle with overweight and his zest to improve his condition through the weight loss program. It is one of the most anticipated documentaries of 2016.

Ian’s Net worth remains undisclosed.