The story behind the disappearance of Scientology leader David Miscavige's wife Shelly, who he married in 1980

HitBerryPublished on   13 Aug, 2015Updated on   26 May, 2021

David Miscavige’s wife Shelley’s mysterious disappearance has created so much buzz all around the world that people now believe that the once charismatic woman has vanished from the face of the earth.

The unexpected disappearance of Shelley aged 54 (if alive) has given rise to countless conspiracy theories. But none of them have been able to satisfactorily answer the questions surrounding her disappearance.

The so called hypotheses about this woman are so complex and quizzical that if we were to write them all, even a book wouldn’t be enough to explain all the details of her past life and her disappearance.

Scientology leader, David Miscavige's wife was last seen in 2007 during Miscavige’s father’s funeral. It has been widely believed that Shelley’s husband is the one responsible for her disappearance.

Several sources have claimed that Miscavige is the one responsible for the banishment of his devoted wife to a secret lair after she defied his orders and made changes in the plans and policies of the church and even reshuffled his staff when he was out of town.

David Miscavige is known for his quick temper and harshness which has ultimately landed Shelley in a prison, or that’s what the sources claim.

The couple, who were both brought up as strict Scientologists, met each other as teenagers at the founder of the Church of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard’s ‘Sea Org’ and got married in 1980.

Despite being married for more than two decades, the pair was never seen sharing a romantic moment with each other. After Miscavige took up the job as the leader of the Scientology after Hubbard’s death, several staffs claimed that their marriage became far less important for the husband.

The couple shared a rather professional relationship and Shelley was given the role as Chairman of the Board Assistant where she was in charge of the staffs who worked in the executive office. But despite all the responsibilities, she had no authority as every decision she made had to be finalized by her husband.

According to countless witnesses, Mrs. Miscavige didn’t have any friends and she was a perpetual victim of her husband’s verbal abuse. The lady was not abused physically but she was always stressed and depressed. She was a fine woman and had the potential to do better for everyone within the community and the church.

Marc Headley, a former staff and Scientologist who worked with the couple said, ‘I never, ever, ever saw them kiss.’  ‘I was there for 15 years... and never, ever saw them affectionate with each other.’

The leader of the Scientology is notorious for his aggressive nature. Sources say that Miscavige had a tendency to send his transgressors to secret detention facilities.

So is this what happened to his wife? Did she end up in one of those secret detention areas? If so, why and where are these detention facilities and why do we have no answers yet?

There are many sources who have revealed nasty secrets about the Church of Scientology. And based on these sources, it is believed that the actual reason behind her so-called banishment was Shelley’s indirect act of defying her husband.

In 2006, Shelly agreed to draw up a new ‘Org Board’ on David’s order, for which she planned, drew and redrew. But Miscavige rejected her every idea and did not appreciate her hard labor. So Shelley, who was an intellectual woman, implemented her plans while her husband was on a rare trip to Los Angeles to oversee the publishing of the church's latest book.

According to a book by Marc Headley, when David was out of town, Shelly took Scientology matters into her own hands. She allegedly restructured the Org Board according to her plans and even moved David's possessions out of their home on the compound to perform renovations. Headley revealed this particular step of Shelley caused her the trouble that led to her removal from her previous duties and her disappearance.

Everybody, even Shelly, knew what was coming. Shelley had crossed the line this time and she knew well that her ill-tempered husband would not hesitate to punish his own wife. As every ex-church member agrees, David was neither directly abusive to Shelly nor loving. There was no space for love and compassion between them.

Marc’s wife, Claire said: “The law in Scientology is: The closer to David Miscavige you get, the harder you’re going to fall. “It's like the law of gravity, practically. It's just a matter of when.”

Jason Micallef, a writer and director shared a tweet on his Twitter on the International Women’s Day this year:

“I’ve seen him [David] yell at her for not doing his bidding. He’d admonish her: ‘How dare you undermine what I just told them to do! You go back and fix it right now!’ And she would go off and eat her words and tell people an amended version of what to do. As Miscavige rose to power and became more and more bitter, Shelly sort of emulated it.”

So all the information, evidences and secrets revealed by the insiders and various sources directly point to the fact that David Miscavige is behind the banishment of his own wife.

After her banishment from the outer world, the last time she was seen in her father-in-law’s funeral, she was accompanied by a “handler” who never left her alone. Shelley has not been seen or heard after her that and her disappearance didn’t come in the light until 2013 after actress Leah Remini filed a missing case report in LA Police department.

The former member of the Church of Scientology, Remini was dissed by David when the actress asked Miscavige about Shelly at the 2006 wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, where Miscavige was Cruise’s best man but his wife was nowhere to be seen.

Remini then filed a "knowledge report" criticizing Miscavige, Cruise, and other senior Scientology members. She was later subjected to years of 'interrogations' and 'thought modification'" that led to her being blacklisted within the Church.

Remini later filed a missing-person report in August 2013 but the matter was closed as the LAPD met with Shelly Miscavige in person and said Remini's report was ‘unfounded’. The actress was accused by the Church which claimed that she simply created the whole affair as a publicity stunt.

Nobody knows where Shelley is or what she is doing. We are even not sure whether she is dead or alive. But according to Steve Hall, the former writer of Scientology’s marketing materials, there is a chance that Shelly is being kept in a remote, unsettling forest retreat called the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST).

The CST, located outside of San Bernadino, California, is one of Scientology’s top secret buildings. We don’t know about the inside, but the outdoor setting is quite disturbing. The whole place is crawling with security cameras and a number of satellite dishes.

There are guard houses and huge tanks holding propane and diesel fuel, and the entire place is surrounded by a massive fence with killer spikes on the inside.

There are secrets vaults within the building which can supposedly hold a nuclear attack and even survive World War III and could be used to help rebuild society. And the vaults house everything necessary to start a new society.

The chances are high that Shelly might be somewhere inside the building held captive. Sources believe that this is the place where she was banished to be re-programmed for her “wrongdoing” .

There is another conspiracy theory MailOnline learned last year that she might be living in an exclusive lair outside Los Angeles, known as Twin Peaks, where around 20 Sea Org members live.

It is also believed that the members are closely watched and often live in isolation from the world and even from each other. It seems that David’s belief and Shelley’s rebellion has cost her her freedom.

Despite all the rumors surrounding her disappearance and alleged banishment, the Church spokespersons has been denying that Shelly is missing and has been saying that she is living as a private person who 'has been working nonstop in the church, as she always has'.

David Miscavige has the net worth of around $50 million and he is not active on Twitter or Instagram