The STD That Troubles Contestants To Compete The Bachelor

February 28, 2018 by arjun

Amy Kaufman who covers Hollywood for the LA Times pulls the curtains of the STD that troubles most of the contestants to compete on The Bachelors.


The reason behind the potential constants that never make to The Bachelor is not their look as it has nothing to do with it.

The “major reasons that applicants don’t make into The Bachelor show as per Los Angeles Time staff writer Amy Kaufman in Bachelor Nation: Inside the world of American’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure is herpes.”

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The contestant will be immediately turned out of the ongoing show if they are affected with STD.

“As soon as the medical tests came back, you’d see that herpes was the biggest thing,” said Ben Hatta, (creator and executive producer) Mike Fleiss’s old assistant.

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He revealed you will be the first to inform that they carry herpes. He further added, when you say it will make the contestant go crazy.

After realizing they are not able to continue the show and matter of fact a bunch of people now know they are herpes victim.

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[ CAPTION: The Bachelor Contestent ][ SOURCE: USA Today ]

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In the U.S more than 1 American in a group of six-person ages 14-49 are affected with genital herpes, as per Central for Disease Control & Prevention. “Herpes is like any of a group of virus disease caused by herpesviruses, affecting the skin of the nervous system.”

There is also psychological evaluation. “The producer of the show Michael Carroll went so closed that he was occasionally crashed in the contender room and he knew there will be a possibility of someone being kind of unhinged-like, she passed, but just barely. You can see it at the casting events during the interview: Oh, this chick is going to go-f*** nuts. She’s amazing.”

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Kaufman wants every contender to get ready to face the surprises as it is a reality show. Moreover, The Bachelor is a top-rated reality show on ABC television.