The sad reason why Gabby Logan and husband Kenny Logan will never have more children

August 21, 2015
First Published On: August 21, 2015
by HitBerry

Being a mother is the greatest feeling in the world. If you have any doubts, go and ask Gabby Logan. The Match of the Day presenter will tell you all about it.

Married to the former Scottish rugby international Kenny Logan, she had to wait some time to start a family. "I've wanted babies for a long time," reveals Gabby, while hosting ITV1's Champions League football coverage. "Work has never been my main reason for being - I've always wanted a family."

Her wish was finally granted when she was blessed with twins Reuben and Lois. But the delivery was not easy. In fact, Gabby could have lost her life during the delivery.

Gabby had to endure through a grueling 36-hour labor with the twins, and just managed to pull through after hemorrhaging badly. 'I began losing blood. I am not sure exactly what caused it, but hemorrhaging is a possible side effect of a multiple birth,' she said.

She further explained "My uterus didn't contract so I was bleeding internally."  Certainly panic set in as she recalls the moment where she said "I was feeling faint because I was losing blood rapidly and I remember asking my midwife if I was going to die. You just think, 'how much blood do you have to lose before you die?"

She feared she might never become a mother at this point. But a lengthy course of IVF led to the birth of her twins. The job was only half way done. She then was rushed to the nearby operating theatre where surgeons battled for nearly three hours to save her life.

Remembering the whole incident later on she says "I'm really glad I gave birth naturally. I don't understand why anyone would want to miss out on that. I loved the whole process." Gabby now considers the twins to be even more special because she knew the odds were stacked against her.

Even though her age and her previous near death experience might tell a different story, Gabby still expressed her desire in growing her family a while back. 'I would have loved to have more children and I do feel broody sometimes,' she said. She adds, 'My brother has a one-year-old son and he's adorable. Every time I see him, I want to have a baby. But I think I might have left it too late now, it's not looking likely.'

So now it seems like Gabby and her husband are quite satisfied. In an interview she said, ‘It is hard when you don’t get pregnant naturally, but Kenny and I feel blessed with what we have.’ She also confirmed she will not endure more fertility treatment– even though it may be her final chance at motherhood. And I guess that is the right thing to do as she already has a handful getting used to the chaos that comes with having two children.