The Married Couple, Ashlee Simpson and Spouse, Evan Ross Planning Babies

Two is not sufficient for Ashlee Simpson and spouse, Evan Ross! The couple has discussed growing their family previously. Be that as it may, now the couple is having a superior thought of what number of more children they need - and they're definitely of two minds about it.


The Couple sat down with ET's Keltie Knight to discuss music, Ross' acclaimed mother, disco/soul, Diana Ross, their new garments line, and their increasing family.

Ashlee and husband Evan wedded in 2014 and have a 2-year-old little girl, Jagger, and Simpson is a mother to 9-year-old child Bronx from her past marriage to Pete Wentz.

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In any case, two is unquestionably insufficient, the couple told ET.

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In discussing Jagger's coming third birthday celebration in July, Ross stated, "She changed my life, it's been amazing."

"Definitely more kids in the future," Simpson responded. "Well a kid, another kid."

"I want five more, she again said," Ross added.

"I'm like, take it one at a time," Simpson said, giggling.

The best part is that she stated, Mama D has been super strong of their developing family.

"Mama D's like super supportive so I feel like with her she's like you know on our team you know for sure so that's nice," she said.

Besides building a family, the couple has remained super occupied. They have another, unisex attire line that they designed together called Jagger Snow for Zadig and Voltaire, that grew out of a hilariously common couple issue: taking an accomplice's garments. Simpson conceded that she's the greater thief of the two, yet it's unquestionably not a one-sided thing.