The marriage of Muhammad Ali with his third Ex-wife Veronica Porsche Ali could not last for the lifetime because he was an infidel. Veronica had to raise their daughters by herself

January 29, 2018
First Published On: June 5, 2016
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Muhammad Ali has had a very colorful love life. He had been married four times and has nine children. However, when he was together with his third ex-wife Veronica Porsche seemed like it would last an eternity. But sometimes things knock the door without any invitation. 


Here we have some information regarding his current relationship and dating life. So without wasting the time lets explore the whole story.

Muhammad Ali with his third ex-wife Veronica Porsche Ali

It was in 1975 that it all started ‘Thrilla in Manila’ fight against Joe Frazier where Ali spotted Porsche for the first time. Porsche, who was only 18 at the time, was working as a poster girl to add glamour to the occasion.

Muhammad Ali with his third wife Veronica Porsche and their daughter Hana. Muhammad Ali with his third wife Veronica Porsche and their daughter Hana.   Source: Getty Images


Shortly after Porsche’s appearance on the occasion, they started having an affair. At that time, Ali was still married to his second wife Belinda Boyd. The romantic relationship between Muhammad Ali and Porsche lasted for two more years as an extra-marital affair.  

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In 1997, Ali officially ended his marriage with Belinda Boyd. After the end of his marriage with former wife Belinda, he got married to Porsche. At the time of their wedding, Porsche and Ali had a baby girl Hana and Veronica were already pregnant with their second daughter Laila Ali.

Their marriage lasted for 9 years before officially ending it in 1986. Well, we can guess this time also he must have fallen into some random chic. So, despite being a huge boxing star, Muhammad sure was one hell of an infidel person. 

The annulment of their marriage led to Porsche raising their daughters by herself in Los Angeles, California. recently on 1st August 2016, it is heard that  Muhammad Ali's son walked out on his wife and daughters as soon as he inherited millions.

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To be clear, being Muhammad Ali’s third ex-wife isn’t all that Porsche has achieved in her life. She was a model and an actress, she had minor roles in movies like ‘Terror on Alcatraz’ and ‘Freedom Road’. In 2001, she appeared in a TV documentary about her daughter Laila Ali, “Intimate Portrait: Laila Ali.”.


Despite Ali and Porsche’s marriage ending in 1986, Ali was still very much close to his family and daughters. They surely had a strong relationship. Ali still stands as a great inspirational figure for daughters, Hana, and Laila.

After his divorce with Porsche, he went on to marry Yolanda Williams with whom he didn’t have any biological children but adopted a son named Asaad Amin.