The Librarian star Noah Wyle, age 44, opens up about his acting roles in an interview

November 3, 2015
First published on:November 3, 2015
by HitBerry

American film, television, and theatre actor, Noah Wyle aka The Librarian, aged 44 recently sat down for an interview with to talk about his acting roles so far.

The actor is popular for his roles as Dr. John Carter in ER and as Tom Mason in Falling Skies, Flynn Carsen in The Librarian Franchise and for his most iconic and celebrated role as Steve Jobs in the documentary drama Pirates of Silicon Valley. He is currently at the height of his booming career. 

The online entertainment magazine spoke to the talented actor about his acting roles in TV and theatre, his venture into direction in the second season of the much loved TV show The Librarians, his early days and many more.

Wyle is known for his talent and his ability to work his magic with every character his plays. We all know how impressed late Steve Jobs was with Wyle’s portrayal of him and that he was invited by Mr. Jobs at the opening of his annual speech at the Apple convention. asked Wyle about his Librarians character Flynn and its uniqueness from rest of the superheroes. In reply, the actor said: “Originally in the first film he was basically a professional student, he’s someone who was incredibly comfortable in the realm of academia but very reticent to step out into the real world. He’d attained twenty-two different degrees but he’d never really kissed a girl and he still lived at home with his mother, he’d never really had a job, and then he’s put into the position of caring for the most magical and mythological objects in the world and keeping them from falling into the hands of evil.”

He further added: “He’s been on the job for a while now, twelve years, and he’s worked basically in isolation, so the series finds him a little bit redefined from the films in that he has a touch of madness about him now, his people skills are wanting, he’s very irreverent and very eccentric. He’s a character of opposites, sort of a little bit of this and a little bit of that.”

And you know what the handsome actor thinks? According to him, Flynn is one of the best and smartest characters he has played ever in his life. But, he also stated that his character Tom Mason in Falling Skies was incredibly resourceful.

The interview took a whole new level when the interviewer added a pinch of humor as he asked Wyle if he had ever played a dumb character. And Wyle’s reply was quicker than the Flash. He said: “I have. I have. They’ve been in smaller jobs here and there but I tend to get cast as people that are way smarter than I am as a person. My family finds it even more ironic.”

The actor also openly talked about his new role in a new TV drama Adoptable where he plays the fictionalized version of himself and was surprised to know that the information was online already.

He went on explaining about the show: “That’s a friend of mine named Scott Lowell, his web series. That’s going to start up in the New Year. He’s written a part and I’m going to play myself which is kind of fun.”

The interviewer started to talk about our most favorite topic, Steve Jobs. Wyle was credited for starting the trend of portraying Steve Jobs in movies, which was later followed by actors like Michael Fassbender and Ashton Kutcher. And the interviewer asked his guest if there was a trick to play Steve Jobs.

The actor said: “The trick to playing Steve Jobs? I don’t know. There are two things you want to bear in mind whenever you play a real-life character, one is your responsibility to that person and to their families, because you’re depicting them in something that’s not going to go away, ever. And the second is not to do an impression, not to just mimic them but to figure out emotionally how to convey an essence of their life from a truthful place. It’s a tricky thing to do with a guy like Steve Jobs, because I don’t know that he let anybody get close enough to him to really show that side.”

The interviewer turned the conversation to The Librarians and Falling skies, where he has directed an episode each. He was asked how different the directing experience was from the acting. Then he explained: “They were very different, actually. Obviously there are certain built-in similarities but the shows are so different in the way that they’re executed that they present completely different sets of problems.”

The actor is married to his wife Sara Wells whom he started dating in 2011. They welcomed their daughter Frances Harper in June this year.


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