The Kills Guitarist Jamie Hince and wife Kate Moss's marriage over? Moss to start divorce proceedings

Rumor has it that guitarist Jamie Hince and super model Kate Moss’ relationship is over for good. But, if so, why was Hince pictured with his wedding ring on a tour with his indie band duo Kills? And is his wife Kate Moss, really giving her last shot to their failing marriage? There’s so much going on regarding this couple’s reported split, so let’s find out.

Report has it that the singer and songwriter split up with his model wife of four years in such a way that the couple has reached a condition from where is no coming back.  Rumors about their split surfaced earlier this year as Hince attended this year’s Glastonbury without Kate, who is a huge fan of the festival and rarely misses it, MailOnline reported. One of the happiest and liveliest couple of the show biz, who tied the knot in 2011 are said to living separately since then.

As the news about their break-up made headlines, critics and fans alike questioned the longevity of Kate Moss’ marriages. As this is not the first time her relationship with men has gone down, people were amazed at how the wife of the musical artist failed to find true love in her life.

She was in a relationship with Dazed & Confused editor Jefferson Hack during the 2000s. She has a daughter named Lila Grace Moss Hack with him. She later hooked up with Pete Doherty 2005 and announced their engagement on 11 April 2007. But the couple split shortly after in July 2007. Moss then married Jamie Hince in 2011 at St Peter's Church, Southrop in Gloucestershire. She was allegedly engaged to actor Johnny Depp as well, but the rumors are not verified.

Sources have attributed Kate’s envious nature as the factor that provoked misunderstanding in their married life. They claimed that Kate was always jealous of Jamie’s friendly relation with other women. Furthermore, Hince’s band mate Alison Mosshart, who is pretty close to him, hates Kate, which only added more fuel to the fire. So could Kate’s jealously be the reason behind the alleged break up?

It seems so, because the jealous wife of the singer reportedly lost her temper and pushed Hince’s friend Lady Mary Charteris into a pool after she saw them engaged in a conversation during his birthday some two years ago.

One of the friends present during the incident said: “It was really awful - she was wearing a floor-length gown and carrying a phone and her handbag.

“All Mary had done is talk to Jamie like she always does. But Kate couldn’t cope.”

The Sun magazine reported that Hince and Kate’s relationship is broken beyond repair and there is no chance of the two reconciling, and the rocker is waiting for his partner to start the divorce proceedings.

A source told The Sun: “They are properly over as a married couple. It’s gone past the point of no return.

“Jamie’s just waiting for Kate to move forward with divorce proceedings.”

“Neither are in any hurry but they both suspect there won’t be a reconciliation."

Source has also revealed that the pair’s relationship was not how it looked from outside. It claimed that the couple was having trouble in their marriage from past two years, which is why they decided to end it.

But if we believe on reports and gossipmongers then there’s a high chance that the couple are still into each other. The Kills guitarist is said to be wearing his wedding rings despite the rumors of his spilt with his wife. The singer was also seen outside a hotel in Montreal, Canada recently with his gold wedding band that he hung on a chain around his neck. Before his latest appearance, the music maker was seen cozing up with the Canadian Victoria’s Secret model Jessica Stam, who is said to be his alleged new girlfriend. So what is really going inside his head? Nobody knows…

Besides this, it has also been reported that his wife Kate is desperate to get back with him as she is planning to make things right between them. She, like Hince, also hasn’t given up her wedding ring and a source told the Mirror that both the parties want to reconcile and mend their broken relationship.

The couple has not been available for any interview or comment. And as Hince is not active on either Twitter or Instagram, so it is pretty hard to come to a conclusion about their relationship status.