The Hill and what its end meant for Spencer Pratt.

HitBerryPublished on   15 Apr, 2016Updated on   30 May, 2021

American TV personality Spencer Pratt met Heidi Montag on the set of The Hill in 2007. They started dating and started to be known by their collective name Speidi.

The couple married in 2009. The marriage, however, was not considered legal as a marriage license was never obtained. There was no civil ceremony either. They don’t have any children yet. They are now a happily family, and may even be expecting a child. There has been no news about them getting a divorce or in any relationship problem. Spencer was mostly known for his work on reality show The Hill and Big Brother.

Recently when The Hill was canceled, Spencer stated that it was their 9/11. According to various sources, Spencer was making more than a million dollars a year through the show and the deals he would get as a result of it. Now that the show was canceled, he lost a lot of bucks.

We want to believe that the cause was not only financial but also emotional as he had met Heidi Montag 8 years ago. Spencer, however, has not made any claims regarding that.

Not only that, Spencer later published a lengthy apology on this twitter for his so-called thoughtless analogy.

“RE: my 9/11 comment: I want to apologize for making such a thoughtless analogy. I’m not going to make dumb celebrity excuses about being taken out of context. I just said something dumb and potential hurtful to a lot of people and that’s all there is to it.”

The Hill must be one of his most memorable show yet. Around the time he met Heidi, it became one of the most talked about the season yet. Spencer broke up with his longtime friend Lauren Conrad because of the disputes and arguments. The entire season revolved around their story. He starred as a villain and even was nominated for multiple awards as Choice TV Villain by Teen choice awards.

When it comes to looks, Spencer is a very handsome man. With his height measuring at 6 feet, he is a tall man. Together with his pretty guy face, he is surely one of the hottest men around.

Spencer is very active in social media. His followers on Twitter is around 957k and that of Instagram is around 139k. IT seems he likes to keep his female fans on the edge by posting topless pictures on Instagram.

Besides being a Television personality he is also a director and a writer. This versatile person has many lovers and haters alike but he does not give a damn about haters and is very grateful for his fans.

It looks like Spencer likes to keep his financial status hidden. We don’t know about his salary or his net worth but we assume it must be in millions of dollars.