The Face Wash Recommended By Jenna Dewan’s Dermatologist Is surprisingly Affordable

April 13, 2018

Jenna Dewan’s Dermatologist recommends this $5 face wash for clear skin easily available and surprisingly affordable.


And it’s possible already in your bathroom.

Jenna Dewan is an American actress and businesswoman who is undeniably stylish. From her outfit to her accessories, the Channing Tatum estranged wife is almost always sporting luxury items on social media.

It might be unattainable to replicate Dewan closet, but don’t worry an interview on today revealed that it possible to emulate her skincare routine.

Dewan’s dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer in an interview with Today recommends this Cetaphil’s cult-favorite, Gentle Skin Cleanser, which is reasonably priced for easily achieving crystal clear skin like Dewan.

The Cetaphil is readily available at most pharmacies and if you bye to 16-ounce it will cost you just $14.50.

In fact, Dr. Lancer who also happens to treat Michelle Williams and Kim Kardashian clearly know that everyone can’t sustain the luxury skin products and thus is happy to endorse some inexpensive skin care options.  

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“The best thing is to use a small cotton washcloth, some plain, low-astringent liquid cleanser, warm water, your hands and just rub a dub scrub,” Lancer said in the interview.

The dermatologist even went to explain the simple routine, using washcloth method if anyone is in a rush.

The Gentle Skin Cleanser, Cetaphil sound perfectly reasonable.