The Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder hates dating women of black ethnicity? AND he's married?

December 30, 2015
First Published On: December 30, 2015

Aaron McGruder is the creator and writer of the cartoon series Boondocks and is known to push the envelope on racial matters. He often makes controversial statements concerning the sensitive topic of racism. He has insulted even the American President Barack Obama through his show. His show is often considered anti-African American by many critiques. Now, reports are coming out claiming the cartoonist is no different from the characters portrayed in his cartoon series.

McGruder reportedly hates dating women of black ethnicity. There are claims that he believes black women don’t make as good a girlfriend as women of other races. It is believed that the actor prefers dating someone of Asian ethnicity.

Many of McGruder’s close friends have revealed in their interviews to different sources that he actually looks down upon women of African American origin. While he is fairly nice to women who are white and Asian by ethnicity, there are claims that he has mistreated black women on multiple occasions.

The cartoonist himself is black by ethnicity. He has a degree in African American Studies from the University of Maryland. So, the claims that he doesn’t like dating black women have stirred quite a bit of controversy. This has led to countless speculations about why he actually dislikes women of black ethnicity. Many critics believe that the terrible childhood McGruder had while growing up with his black mother has caused him to have negative opinion towards having a black girlfriend.

Some of his fans believe that the claims are just pathetic attempts to ruin McGruder’s reputation. They believe McGruder is actually already married. He is believed to be married to a woman of Asian-American ethnicity. It is claimed that the cartoonist has been secretly married to his wife since 2011.

McGruder has had interest in cartoons and drawings since his youth. This most popular comic series created by him, the Boondocks, began as a comic strip in .After that, McGruder gathered tremendous success as a screenwriter and cartoonist. He is also the creator of the famous comedy series Black Jesus. He has written the story line for shows like Adult Swim and Red Tails.

The American cartoonist is also active in social media sites. He can be followed on Twitter @aaronmcgruder23. His Twitter is, however, not that popular. It only has near to 7k followers.

He is also a co-author of the 2004 graphic novel ‘Birth of a Nation’. The book was a modest success .The cartoonist also often speaks of his view on the developing socio-economical conditions publicly.

McGruder has created two of the most popular comedy series at the moment. It is natural that his net worth is also very high. It is estimated to be around $10 million dollars.