The Bold and Beautiful Actress Jacqueline Wood's Boyfriend, Plastic Surgery and Personal Life

HitBerryPublished on   20 Jun, 2016Updated on   20 Jun, 2017

While some actors have a rather boring and minimalist life behind the camera, the same cannot be said for Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. The 29-year-old Canadian actress is often in the media for all the juicy new stuff that happen in her life.

One day it's her plastic surgery thing, and it was her romantic life the other day. The public can't get enough of her. Check the full story below.

Jacqueline Wood's Plastic Surgery

Let's get into the Jacqueline Wood's plastic surgery. Now it’s not like Jacqueline wasn’t beautiful before all the aesthetic job, but we all know celebrities and their fascination with the cosmetic job. In the same way, Jacqui here has done quite some cosmetic jobs. Ready to dig up some dirt about it? Let’s get on it!

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Jacqueline MacInnes Wood's Plastic Surgery Jacqueline MacInnes Wood's Plastic Surgery   Source: latestplasticsurgery

Is it plain Jacqueline makeup or is it surgery? Jacqueline has undergone a lip job, a rhinoplasty, and an eye surgery. If you compare her pictures from before when she was an amateur in the business with her photos now, then you can see some major differences.

Her lips are plumper and pouty than before, eyelids are more defined and her nose narrower. Now Jacqui has never confirmed the news of going under the knife so chances are it might just be the magic of make-up and some amazing photography skills. Who knows with all the contouring and baking and highlights these days?

Jacqueline Wood's Personal Life

She might love to change her looks and appearance now and then, but it’s not the same thing with her love life. She is committed when it comes to the romantic aspect of her life.

Unlike many celebrities who have some affairs, this girl is one hell of a steady one when it comes to her love life. She has been dating Daren Kagasoff for quite a long time now, the news of their affair dates back to 2009 and earlier.

Daren Kagasoff is an actor himself who is best known for playing Ricky in ‘The Secret Life of an American Teenager.' The couple has been spotted together on some occasions.

Given their appearance on the media, they have often spotted shopping, munching together, clubbing, and doing some casual strolling. Although their appearances on the news have lessened, the duo is still together.

A few months ago, Jacqueline MacInnes Woo posted a cutesy picture of hers and her beau. It was a face swap photo which had heart emojis on the caption,

‘This is why I love you @darenmkagasoff ???????????????????????????????? hahahaha... Faceswaaappp live #faceswaplive #justinbeiberlookalike #cantstoplaughing #laughing #imayscarsomeofyouforlife #unicornonesie’

It looks like Jacqui’s quite the fan of face-swap.

Locking up every personal stuff in the box, Jacqueline Wood is having a great time in her personal as well as professional career. We hope, Wood to open up her information with the media real soon. For more updates on Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Daren Kagasoff, please keep visiting Hitberry.