Temperatures heighten as Fox News' Eric Bolling gets in heated debate with Geraldo Rivera,

October 5, 2015
First Published On: October 5, 2015
by HitBerry

There are very few things on TV more interesting than News presenters, more over close friends, exchanging a heated argument on International Television and threatening to knock out each other on air.

Eric Bolling, in a recently conducted show hosted on Fox News, was threatened by his co-host Geraldo Rivera who said he “would knock him (Eric Bolling) out” if he were not his friend. The show started on a happy note with the presenters bantering about issues here and there.

 The show was focused around the highly controversial “Iran Nuclear Deal”. This has been the most talked about topic among all of the western international affairs journalist and diplomats, especially diplomats to America, who played a vital role in Iran to secure a Nuclear deal despite their troubled past.

The talk show began to get heated when Rivera began to stereotype all Persians and was rather outspokenly against them, but was biased towards the Iranians. Rivera even went to the extent to say Iran isn’t like the others “They don’t behead any one in Iran”.  He even supported the Iranians for having a legitimate beef against Americans.

When Eric pointed out a fact mentioned by Rivera, Rivera began getting excited and accused Eric of always saying stupid things on TV. Rivera further accused Eric of trying to make him look stupid time and again. He then instantly got furious and asked Eric if he was talking to him and threatened to punch him out cold on national television. Eric, in response to the threat said “We will take this up later after the show.”

Eric and Rivera have always had conflicted arguments resulting in almost out-breaks of violence, time and again. However, the show presentations have said that their dedication and belief in each other’s views and intellectual arguments make the show what it is today.

Eric has always been known for his conservative take on radical Islam. He has been highly outspoken about the need to crush the radical terrorist group ISIS.

Eric is married to his high school sweet heart Adrienne Bolling and has one son Eric Chase Bolling from their marriage. Eric and his wife are quite the couple and are known for their charitable contributions towards Catholic missions all over the globe. They are also known to be excellent parents, who have devoted their time and attention to their son Eric’s upbringing and welfare.

Eric Bolling is already fifty two year of age and he has time and again successfully reminded his viewers that men don’t actually grow up, they just start to look different.  Eric looms over his other fellow presenters with a height of 6ft1.  According to financial blog Stockpitcher.com, Eric reportedly earns $10 to $15 Million annually in Salary alone. His net worth is an estimated $150 Million.