Television Producer Dick Wolf, who is already married to his third wife, facing problems in his divorce settlement with second wife Christine Wolf

HitBerryPublished on   27 Jan, 2016Updated on   17 May, 2021

Television Producer Dick Wolf, who is already married to his third wife, is facing problems in his divorce settlement with second wife Christine Wolf. 

It has been twelve years since this former couple filed for divorce. But it looks like they still haven’t got what they want. The American television producer, who is best known as the creator and executive producer of the Law & Order police drama franchise, is apparently very worried.

The award winning producer is often considered the most successful and prolific producers in primetime television. And with popular TV shows like “Miami Vice” and “Hill Street Blues” and of course “Law & Order” under his belt, there’s no denying that he is the best. Moreover, he has earned fame and money equally. But sometimes, the professional success of a person does not determine his personal happiness. 

Wolf is going through the hardest phase of his life and his personal life has gotten worse in the past twelve years and it seems his popularity and money hardly seem to help him with problem. If his money and his power could help him settle his divorce with his ex-wife Christine Wolf, then he would not be making rounds of the court for almost a decade.

The couple filed for divorce back in 2003. But according to Crider Law Group, the case started getting complicated after the wife read an article in the Los Angeles Times about Wolf’s $1.6 billion “Law & Order” development deal with NBC. After that, she sought help from her attorney to get a share of her husband’s hard earned money. But instead of getting what she wanted, the divorce battle took a turn for the worse and now Wolf and Christine are still fighting for divorce settlement. 

But, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the divorce settlements might be finalized soon enough. But we are not sure when.  

It seems that Christine’s attempt at getting Wolf’s fortune has turned out to be futile. If not for this issue, the divorce settlements would have been finalized within a year. As per California law, ‘couples divide the assets they’ve acquired during their marriage.’ But Wolf’s case is different.

Christine demanded the share of his property after learning about the multi-billion dollar deal. But according to the aforementioned Law Firm, the producer might have been indebted to Universal. But she has her eye on his $350 million dollars net worth. 

Christine has been claiming to have been kept in dark. She said that her husband and his team misled her and did not share the information about his finances. Though we do not have much information on what might happen in the future, it is most likely that the verdict will be on Wolf’s favor. 

Wolf has been struggling to get hhis divorce settlements finalised from Christine for more than a decade, almost as long as his long-running show Law and Order.

Wolf has been married thrice. He got hitched to Susan Scranton from 1970 to 1983. And after their divorce, he tied the knot to his second wife Christine in 1983. They separated in 2005. Though the divorce settlements between them has not been finalized, Wolf married Lippman, a year after his break up with Christine. 

Dick Wolf is father to four children; two sons and two daughters.