Television Presenter and fashion designer Randy Fenoli. Know about his affairs and married life

December 2, 2016
First Published On: December 2, 2016

Randy Fenoli is a fashion designer, TV presenter, wedding expert and an author. He sure is a good looking and guy, and he has fans from all around the globe, also he has had affairs with some of the most beautiful faces in the United States. However, there are some rumors about him being Gay.

Find out about his relationship, or is he married? Or is he Gay? Find out all.

Is Randy Fenoli Gay?

In an interview with the ‘Yale Daily News’, he confirmed that he is ‘Gay’. Well I am gonna share some parts of the chat with you guys. Okay, so he was asked “As an openly Gay man, what’s the dynamic of working in the wedding industry when there is no marriage equality throughout the country?” And in response, he says “As you just said that if I am openly gay, cuz I don’t know if I am; but I am I I never said that I wasn’t, I never denied it, so I guess I am openly Gay”. 

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So, hey guys, I guess the rumors were all true then. But we don’t have any objections with the fact that he is Gay; in fact, he admitted that he was. So, I think it’s the most courageous thing that anyone can do in front of the camera. However, if you don’t believe me or wanna watch the interview, here you go, I am gonna give you the link down below. Also if you just wanna skip to the part that he says he is gay, fast forward to 7:18. 

Did Randy Fenoli have any affairs?

Though Randy did admit that he is Gay, he didn’t really share anything about his relationship or any kinda affair or his plans on getting married. We know something about him now, but not all of the things, ya know. So, way to go, Randy! We are all so proud of you. 

Randy Fenoli and Mayor of Piacenza, Italy.

Randy Fenoli and Mayor of Piacenza, Italy.

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Randy Fenoli’s Early Life

Randy Fenoli was born and raised on a farm, in southern Illinois. He was the last of 7 kids and the last of 6 boys. As about his parents, his dad used to work on a farm and his mother was a nurse at the time. But when he turned 9, Randy’s mother purchased a sewing machine and that’s how he developed his passion towards designing clothes and stuff. However, his dad didn’t approve anything he did, he says that he used to go against every lil things he did. But I am pretty sure, wherever he is now, he is proud of his son. 

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