Teen Mom Chelsea Houska in a 'happy' relationship with boyfriend Cole DeBoer, DeBoer now a “father figure” to daughter Aubrey

July 10, 2015
First Published On: July 10, 2015
by HitBerry

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has found the love of her life. She says that she is very much in a 'happy' relationship with her new boyfriend Cole DeBoer. Houska and DeBoer are being seen everywhere and these two have taken the social media sites by storm. The 23 year old mother of a daughter has recently been posting a lot of pictures of her with her new beau on Instagram. The news of their love affair surfaced on media after she changed the profile picture of her twitter handle where Houska, DeBoer and her daughter Aubree were seen posing cheerfully. Houska looked absolutely stunning in a black bikini in her usual bright red hair pinned up. Her boyfriend donned a shorts with a print of American flag while her daughter looked adoring in a pretty little swim suit. They really looked like a perfect family.

The Teen Mom 2 hottie who allegedly met DeBoer in a gas station has been very open about her new relationship. While talking to MTV News she said,“My relationship with Cole is completely different than past relationships.

 “I’ve only had bad relationships — I mean, I’ve had one, really. And that was terrible. Everyone saw that play out.”

Houska has openly spoken about her feelings towards DeBoern and loves describing him as “awesome,” “funny” and “weird like me”.

Besides this, she has also revealed how happy she was to be with her dream man as he was a fatherly figure to her young girl. “He’s great with Aubree,” the 23-year-old mother said to MTV News. “Cole’s relationship with Aubree is so amazing to me because she’s never had like a positive male role model in her life. I mean, she’s had her grandpa. But as a father figure, he completely stepped up to take on that responsibility — more than I ever could have even imagined.”

Houska who is the youngest among four sisters had a very troubling relationship with her previous lover and father of her daughter, Adam Lind. She gave birth to Aubree at the age of 18 and had been working hard to maintain her life along with the responsibility of her daughter. While with him, Houska always struggled to give the parental love to her daughter that she could not get from her biological father. Houska and Adam has been fighting for the custody of their daughter. Houska wantsa the sole custody of her daughter while Adam wants sahred custody of Aubree which is something shocking for the mother. But now Houska is glad that Aubree is getting that love from DeBoer. In fact her daughter and her boyfriend are so close that Aubree even wrote a letter to Cole writing,“Thank you, Cole, for being very nice to me. I love when you help me with stuff and when I get to work out with you I get stronger. You are the funniest guy I’ve seen in my life ever.” DeBoer posted it on Instagram as well. These shows the strengthing bond betweem them.

Now that the news about their deep love is public, the fans of the Teen Mom 2 are very much eager for the new season of the MTV hit show. Houska has also given a hint to her fans what they can expect from their new romance.

 Houska who is the most stylish cast member in the show is typically known for her classy hairstyles, make up and tattoos. She also has a nose piercing which she likes to keep very low profile. She has recently dyed her hair red. The thick ginger hair with wavy locks is the perfect style for her and we all hope that her new romance will be as beautiful as her. And we all wish that this handsome young man would give all the love she deserves.